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Race Wars

Back at camp, Steve and Julie cook up a pot of rice. A lot of rice, since their dwindling numbers mean they get bigger portions of their rice supply than the Onomatopoeias do of theirs. Julie says things may suck for them in the game, but at least they aren't hungry. Unfortunately for them, they also have to eat it while Phillip sits like three feet away and stares at them. Phillip interviews that Julie ate like seven and a half seashells worth of rice while he only gets about two seashell's worth from his allies' rice pot, and I'll bet none of them are the crispy kind. He tells his tribe about Zapato's rice bounty and, when Steve, Julie, and Ralph are away, steals some of Zapato's rice from their container and puts it in Onamatopoeia's. He justifies this by saying that all the rice should belong to everyone and therefore, I guess, split equally and not along former tribe lines. Which I would totally agree with if Onomatopoeia weren't the ones who refused to share their tarp or comfort items with Zapato and who, lead by Rob, instituted the separate eating times and food storage areas in the first place.

Andrea and Rob don't seem to care about the rice as much as Phillip does, muttering that he's the "Rice Police" and laughing at him. Meanwhile, Julie and Steve are off getting treemail, which says it's time for a three-way (challenge) - and everyone is invited to watch! The tribe heads over, and Matt, Mike, and David arrive in the Arena. Probst asks Matt how he's feeling right now after being blindsided twice, and Matt says he "never knew strangers could hurt [him] so deeply," but before I can call him a whiny baby, he adds that this is his fault because he let them fool him twice. Which is true, and good for him for being adult enough to realize and admit that. Probst doesn't ask to hear from Mike or David, instead getting right into today's challenge: each contestant has to stack a bunch of wooden tiles into an eight-foot-tall tower. The first two to do so will stay on Redemption Island. The loser will become the first jury member.

The challenge begins. The men build their towers. Mike takes the lead, and tries to place a final tile standing on its side to pass the eight-foot mark, only to cause his tower to wave dangerously. He takes the tile off, steadies the tower, and tries again. The tile falls again. Meanwhile, Matt and David are catching up to him. Mike tries to lay the one tile on its side a third time, and this time, it works. He wins. Matt is right behind him, and puts the final two tiles on his tower. It stays up, and Probst proclaims Mike and Matt to be the winners, which means David is done. He is very disappointed and possibly on the verge of tears, but he's a good sport. He shakes Matt and Mike's hands, tosses his buff in the fire, and leaves. He interviews that he was hoping that Redemption Island would further him in the game, but obviously it didn't. Bye, David! Let's hear from Rob! He says he was hoping that between Mike and David, Matt would be taken out of the game, but no. He's still in it. I don't know who is more upset about that -- Rob or Matt.

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