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Race Wars

Probst says that's all well and good, but he's still trying to figure out how Phillip went from Steve saying he was crazy to Steve thinking he is an N-word. Phillip tells us another story of when he moved to upstate New York in 1967 and went to the grocery store with his father, and the grocer called his father "boy." He didn't call him the N-word, but "boy" was the same thing. Steve asks if he can say something. Phillip says he can't until Phillip is done talking. We will be here all night. Steve talks anyway. He says he was in the NFL for 13 years, the last seven of which were on the LA Raiders, most of whom were black. He says he's not racist. Probst doesn't want to give Steve any attention because his rational thoughts and sane and succinct way of stating them are boring, so he turns back to Phillip and asks if he's saying that Steve should have said Phillip's argument was crazy instead of saying that Phillip himself was crazy, because that brought up painful memories of all the other things people who may have actually been racist have said to Phillip. Phillip will agree with that. Probst says it seems to him, then, that Phillip took the argument one way due to his own life experiences and Steve took it another. That doesn't mean that Steve is racist or wanted to say that Phillip was the N-word or that Phillip didn't sincerely believe he did. The entire tribe nods at this. I am impressed with Probst's ability to figure out both sides of the argument, not to mention phrase it in a way that makes Phillip seem slightly less insane for going off like that. But only slightly.

Now that we've figured everything out, Probst asks Rob, who has nothing to do with any of this, how both alliances can move past this and if Phillip and Steve's argument will factor into who is voted out tonight. Rob says both Phillip and Steve are grown men with the right to say what they want, but with a million dollars on the line, this could factor into tonight's vote. Probst asks Natalie the same question, like she has anything to add to this or anything on this show at all. Natalie says it's been hard to listen to this tonight because she feels sorry for Steve for being accused of racism when she doesn't think he is racist, but she also feels bad for Phillip because she doesn't know what it's like to be black. This is going nowhere, so Probst asks the group who took Phillip's shorts. Julie raises her hand proudly and admits it was her and says that "nobody will ever find them." Why did she admit that? Does she just not give a shit if she gets voted out tonight? Does she want Phillip to cut her throat in the middle of the night? I really don't get it.

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