Rice Wars

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Race Wars

Probst congratulates everyone on getting through a good therapy session, and everyone claps. Well, that was strange. Probst asks Julie if her tribe finally found the crack in Onomatopoeia, and Julie says she hopes they're seeing that things would be much more peaceful and happy around camp without Phillip. Probst then asks Steve if it would be worth being called a racist if the result of it was that Phillip was voted out tonight instead of him. Steve says Zapato is voting for Phillip tonight and they're hoping that at least two people on Onomatopoeia are as sick of Phillip's antics as they are and vote for him, too. But not because he's black. Because he's annoying. Probst asks Phillip if he would think it was because of his race if he were voted out tonight. Phillip says if he's voted out tonight then that means "the tribe has spoken." That was not what Probst was asking, but whatever. They vote. Steve votes for Phillip, saying he hopes Phillip "finds peace someday" and that his crazy comment had nothing to do with Phillip's race. Julie votes for Phillip, saying he is crazy and it has nothing to do with his race. Ralph isn't going to be nearly as diplomatic with his vote for "Phile," saying with a huge smile that he hopes Phillip has a good time on Redemption Island wearing just his underwear and a feather. Phillip walks past David on his way to vote, and David casts a glance at the back of Phillip's underwear and just smiles and shakes his head. For the third time in a row, Phillip bonks his feather on the roof of the hut and votes for Julie.

Probst returns with the urn. He reads three votes for Phil, then one vote for Julie, who figures she's leaving now. I thought that was the only vote she'd get and Phil cast it out of anger, but then she gets a second vote. And a third. And a fourth. And a fifth. Wow. I assumed Steve was going to Redemption Island tonight, so this is a slight surprise. Julie makes sure to leave Phillip with some parting words: "guess you're not gonna ever find your shorts." Phillip just grins. Julie heads to Redemption Island. Wing Chun kung fu expert here.

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