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Immediately after the last Tribal Council, Marissa arrives at Redemption Island, waking Candice and Rupert when she walks in. They greet her and learn her name as she tells them that it was a blindside, and that she got voted out because of her uncle's excessive celebration. I don't think I understand what a blindside is. Marissa interviews that she was pissed off that people wrote a frowny face next to her name when voting her out, and I agree. Like have the courage of your convictions and just vote her out, but don't try to add an emoticon. She's not on the jury, so what do you care anyway? I guess she could potentially come back, but do people really think that if they indicated they had mixed feelings about voting her out, she will forgive just them? Is she going to be like, "Well, my entire tribe voted me out, but I remember that some of them (she won't know who) also wrote frowny faces, so I won't be mad at those people." Come on.

After Marissa explains why she got voted out, Candice offers up an alternate theory: Marissa called Brad out for claiming he might throw a challenge, and he was mad at her. I think that's way more logical than the reason Brad told himself, that it was because of Gervase. Marissa regrets being the first one voted off, and Candice reminds her that she's not. They all bond a little bit over the fact that they're all pissed off.

The next morning, the members of Galang form a massage train, where they stand in a line and rub one another's backs. Tyson gets the pimp spot in front; Aras gets the asshole spot in the back. I don't know if that means anything, but I thought I'd mention it. Colton doesn't join in, instead choosing to sit nearby and sulk because no one is paying attention to him. Colton complains to Monica that no one is playing the game or strategizing or making moves, and Monica reminds him that it's only day three and they will hopefully be there for thirty-nine days, so he needs to be patient. Colton interviews that he just wants to get to be on Caleb's tribe.

Colton finds Gervase, Aras and Tina and tries to start some shit by talking about Laura M. Aras says that they shouldn't be thinking eight steps ahead and should just keep winning challenges. Colton says that he doesn't care about challenges and would voluntarily go to Tribal. I don't think Colton understands what this game is about STILL. It's like he's continually shocked by the physical demands of the game. Why is he not playing Big Brother? I don't want to see him again, but he would be so much happier there. Gervase tells Colton to "shut it down" and adds that they don't need to talk strategy at all until they lose a challenge. Aras interviews that Colton tried to changes his ways, but the physical demands of the game are such that you can only keep up the charade for five or six days, tops. And that's what's happening here.

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