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The challenge is to use a long pole to move spools through a vertical metal maze and then stack the spools on top. The whole maze is on a spring, so knocking into the walls will cause it to tilt and probably knock the stacked spools over. The first two to stack ten spools for a three-count get to stay, and the third player goes home. In addition, the first-place winner gets a clue to a hidden Immunity Idol to give to any other player.

The challenge begins. Rupert decides to blow through the maze with his first spool, caution be damned, and he can't even get the first spool stacked before it falls down and he has to start over. A glimmer of hope! But he quickly catches back up to Candice, and they are tied with seven spools stacked each. Marissa is one spool behind them. Rupert and Candice place their eighth spools, but Rupert's is way off line, so I'm not sure how well he will be able to finish his stack. And that little bit of added weight plus the wind plus Rupert clanking the metal means that his entire stack falls to the ground. I don't want to get too excited; if the wind made Rupert's stack fall, the same could happen to anyone else. Candice places her last stool, nervously edging to the right balancing spot, and then calls for Probst to count. As soon as she wins, she whips her pole away like a BOSS. I am totally on Team Candice.

And now Marissa is placing her final spool while Rupert is only half done with rebuilding! Could it be? Gervase yells to tell her to get her elbow up, and she does and then Probst counts and holy crap is Rupert going home already? Could all of my dreams be coming true? Rupert goes over and hugs Laura, and assures her that she'll be fine and he's fine too. Probst congratulates Candice and Marissa. Can he start calling Candice by her last name? If she were a dude, you totally know that he would. Anyway, Probst lets Rupert feel all honorable by saying that he loves the game, but he loves his wife more and he doesn't regret taking her spot. Isn't he kind of saying he doesn't think she could hack it on Redemption Island? Like he couldn't? Probst tells him that THIS journey is over, his emphasis. Please don't ever bring him back. Why? He cannot win this game! He never has and he's just getting older. What does he bring to the table? Do people really still love him? I do not get it. I can see not hating him (kind of?), but I don't get loving him. He's such a cornball semi-misogynist. Anyway.

Candice gets to give a clue to someone, and Probst thinks it will take deep thinking on her part to make a decision. Not really. She doesn't want to give it to someone on her own tribe, because if she returns before the merge, that's someone who could still have immunity. And no one can REALLY fault her for giving it to her husband. Plus, if she returns post-merge, he's the most likely to share it with her. And finally, if she doesn't return at all, of course she wants him to have it. She hasn't bonded with any of Galang, obviously, since they voted her out. This might be an interesting segment in the future, where the winner may have pre-existing alliances to consider, but for Candice, it's an easy choice.

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