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Over at Galang, the sad music plays as we prepare to hear Laura Rupert rend her garments over losing her husband. Except, she's kind of okay with it? She explains that at least now she doesn't have to worry about him and she doesn't have a target on her back since it's just her playing alone. Her tribemates gather around her and exclaim at her bravery and resilience -- except for Colton. He pouts in a corner and interviews that he's tired of the campfire chats and loving support. BO-RING! He wants drama, and he wants to win this game. I get where he's coming from, but it's been four days! It's hard to create drama when you haven't even been to Tribal Council yet.

So then Colton goes around to each of his tribemates and tries to start shit. He tells Gervase that Laura M needs to go first. He tells Monica that Gervase wants to get rid of her. While in the water, he tells Tina that Gervase wants to get rid of Aras. When Tina gets out of the water, Kat asks if Colton was strategizing about her, and Tina doesn't give away information while also conveying that she doesn't even want to get into strategy yet, since they don't have to. Kat interviews that she doesn't want Colton to turn against her, because he lives for that shit and she doesn't want to deal with it.

That night, Kat stupidly (surprise!) confides in Colton that Tina said she thought Colton was over-strategizing already. Colton is immediately like, "What did she say exactly? Who was she talking about?" Kat refuses to engage and Colton leaps up to go get Tina and start some drama. Kat doesn't want to make a scene. Good luck with that, honey. Colton gets Tina involved and tries to make it out like Kat was talking shit. It's tough, because she really wasn't, but he doesn't let her get a word in edgewise. Tina interviews that she doesn't want to have to deal with this kind of drama for thirty-nine days.

Later, everyone is gathered around the campfire. Tyson and Aras are snuggling and it's nice to see two guys so secure in their masculinity, but I would also think it was weird if two women were snuggling like that, unless it's for warmth? I don't know. Anyway, Colton starts going on about how he can't forge ahead in relationships without something and blah blah and Tyson just says, "Look, none of us care about your bullshit. We want a peaceful camp. Shut it." Tyson interviews that Colton wanted to be a different person this time around, but that lasted, like, three days. Anyway, Colton got shut down, so he pouts and then interviews that "these people" need to go to Tribal Council and learn what the game is about. Does he understand that these people, save Laura Rupert, have all played the game before, and some of them even won and none of them got fake appendicitis and went home early?

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