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The next morning, Colton can't understand why everyone is acting "sketchy" around him. Gee, I wonder why? You spent the whole day yesterday trying to foment chaos and then, when that didn't work, tried to instigate a fight over nothing. Why would anyone be less than pleased with you right now? Monica assures him that she hasn't heard anyone talking about voting him out, but she'll let him know.

Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Tina and Monica gather around the water source, which is apparently like the water cooler at offices. Tyson suggests that Colton is trying to create an atmosphere of fear and suspicion, so if he tells any of them anything, they should go to the person actually in question and talk about it before making any decisions. Monica says that Colton is wondering if they are going to target him. Aras says that he understands why Monica has been afraid, because Colton is a bully. He calls him "the gay Russell Hantz." Look, I hate Russell, like, a lot, but don't even put Colton into his echelon. Russell -- on his first time around -- was at least almost successful in pulling off his bullying act. Colton is like Russell in that he doesn’t understand the social game, but he also can't win challenges and isn't even that intimidating. Aras interviews that Colton bullied Kat last night, and he will try to do it to the rest of them at some point, so Aras doesn't really want to play with him. Those five (Aras, Gervase, Tyson, Tina and Monica) agree that they want to continue playing together and make a pact. Man, all because they happened to be at the watering hole together. Note to future players: never miss an opportunity to go get water or whatever a group of more than two people are all doing together.

Challenge time! In this challenge, three people will be tied together at the waist and have to roll a barrel containing another tribe member, stopping at four flagpoles. At each flagpole, the person in the barrel has to get out and untie a knot, releasing a bag of balls. Once all four are collected, the rest of the tribe tries to roll the balls into targets, skee-ball style. The first tribe to get a ball in each of six holes wins immunity and a fishing kit. Galang opts to have Kat sit out, and Probst tells her to "take a spot on the sit-out bench." Do we have to name everything on this show? Couldn't it just be a bench?

Tadhana puts Katie inside the barrel with John, Brad and Vytas pushing. Galang puts Laura M inside the barrel with Tyson, Aras and Monica pushing. Interesting that they didn't have Colton or Gervase push. Maybe Monica is stronger than them? I just wish we could have seen a few seconds of that decision-making process. It seems the key in rolling is having people of approximately the same height, since they are tied together, but also have some strong people because you have to roll/lift the barrel up into a cradle at each stop to hold it steady. Tadhana succeeds on both counts, but Katie slows them down with the knot untying. They are tied going into the final cradle, but Galang has some issues and Tadhana hands over the bags of balls first. As with most multiple-stage challenges, the first part ends up not mattering too much, though. Hayden does all the rolling for Tadhana and Gervase does it all for Galang. Not sure why no one else got a chance -- again, a few seconds of this decision-making process would have been nice. Anyway, they trade the lead back and forth a few times, but ultimately Gervase wins and of course he screams, "Marissa! That's for you, baby!" Kat and Hayden, and Brad and Monica exchange glances from their respective mats. You know what would be a great reward? Five minutes with your loved one from the other tribe.

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