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So Much For Muscled Entitlement

And now, it is time to read votes. Did you notice that they only showed two votes for each side? That means it probably wasn't that close, which, in a coup situation, inevitably means that the attempted coup was a failure and that one of the coup-ers found out in time to switch. It also usually means that the first person to get a third vote is the loser. First vote: Stephannie. Then, J.P. Then Stephannie. Then J.P. I suspect that vote is quite concerning to him, because...where would that be coming from when they appeared to have unanimity? Aaaaand...J.P. Whoa. Really? And...a fourth one for J.P. Now, he knows he is in trouble. And indeed, the fourth person out of Survivor Race Wars is J.P. "Wow," he says in a whisper. And then: "Holy crap. Dang, you guys outwitted me big-time." I think it's safe to say that he did not see that coming. J.P. gets snuffed, and he says "That was pretty good" as he leaves. Jeff tells the group that they just voted out one of the strongest members, and that he's hoping it means they have a plan to unite the tribe and get back to winning. They head back to camp.

In his exit interview, J.P. notes that he did not watch his back adequately. To his credit, he says, "There's no hard feelings; that's the way the game is played," and it comes across as quite sincere. There's no "I wish you well without me, you fools" or anything, even though he'd be more entitled to it than many who have tried it. We learn that, in addition to both Parvati and Brad, J.P. even got a vote from Adam. I don't really get how that went down; how did Adam get the memo and Nate didn't? I hope they make that a little clearer next week. I don't like it when I have to settle for less than perfect understanding of events taking place on this show.

Next week: Cao Boi thinks girls are lazy.

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