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So Much For Muscled Entitlement

It is Day 9 at Raro. Their tribe still looks healthy, as does the lizard that's slinking around. I always think that, if I were starving, I'd just start following the lizards, because they have to be eating something, and they always look chipper. Jenny and Parvati are stripping leaves from palm fronds, and Rebecca is fussing around the shelter. Cristina is working as well, but they are all momentarily distracted by the fact that they can hear the men off in the distance laughing hysterically. And not, so much, working. Parvati comments that it wasn't so great seeing the guys all lazing around like it was football-watching on a Sunday, while all the women were working around camp: "They're starting to, like, rule the roost a little bit. I think they're getting very comfortable with their position in this tribe. Because they know that we need them. They're strong." As the men laze around, they discuss whether the women are mad at them for not doing anything. "No way," J.P. scoffs. "Even if they all do think...what's that going to do to us?" Well, seriously. What can a group of five people do to a group of four people in a show that involves the creation of majorities? He tells us that the guys are all excited about how dominant and strong they are, chuckle-smirking, "As a group of guys, we're way stronger than the other tribe's group of guys." He goes on to say that the "testosterone's flying," and that the guys are all excited about sticking together: "These girls are going to need manpower for sure, so the four-guy alliance is definitely relaxed." Adam mouth-breathes and ties a knot. He's certainly relaxed. Mouth-breathers are generally a laid-back group. Not a lot to think about, after all, other than "In...out. In...out."

Jeff calls everyone to a challenge. Neither J.P. nor Cristina looks too happy about Cecilia being the one missing from Aitu. Jeff announces that this is a reward challenge. It involves choosing two members of the tribe to be attached by clips to ropes, and then working those team members through a series of rope obstacles. So you're basically untangling the person from a whole bunch of knots and unwinding him or her around poles. These challenges generally work out to be about two things: how small your tribe members are, and how good your tribe is at working together and not freaking out. When the whole tribe gets to a table at the end of the course, one person swims out to retrieve a ring the tribe will use to decipher a phrase that's in code on the table. First tribe to finish gets reward. The reward is blankets and pillows, plus the right to send someone to Exile Island, where that person will stay until the immunity challenge. So Aitu has clipped up Becky and Candice, while Aitu has clipped up Cristina and Jenny, and Stephannie is sitting out. So far, the advantage is with Aitu, since their girls are littler, I think.

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