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So Much For Muscled Entitlement

Logically, both tribes put the smallest people in the damsel-in-distress position up on the mast -- Candice and Parvati. Stretcher builders/carriers for Raro are the Four Buff Guys, and at Aitu it's Jonathan, JessiFlicka, Ozzy, and Yul. Ready? Go! Aitu falls slightly behind on the puzzle stretcher, which appear to be largely the luck of which pieces you happen to try putting together first. So the Raro boys have a slight lead running through the jungle, but Aitu isn't far behind. In a particularly dumb-looking and therefore enjoyable shot, Probst runs through the jungle between tribes, looking back over his shoulder to narrate. Doof. Raro gets out into the shallow water, and J.P. plunges into the water to swim out to Parvati. Ozzy is swimming for Aitu, unsurprisingly, and when he gets into the water, he runs like the wind, picking up his feet and just sprinting, ultimately making up Aitu's entire deficit by the time he and J.P. start swimming. It kind of felt at the time like he ran a lot longer than J.P., but he really didn't -- J.P. just wasn't very fast running through the water before he started to swim. Rather delightfully given the arrogance quotients involved, once they're both swimming, Ozzy completely smokes J.P., who is really not a strong swimmer, as you can tell from watching him. Ozzy gets to Candice on the mast with a healthy lead, and he scrambles up the rope ladder. Ozzy and Candice drop into the water and start swimming back. Once Parvati is released and they start back, it's another mismatch, because as overmatched as J.P. was on his own, he and Parvati are more overmatched as a team. Candice plunks herself onto the stretcher, and the four Aitu carriers lift her up and go.

Back at the start area, Aitu rests its hopes on the fire-making abilities of Cao Boi, Sundra, and Becky, and Cao Boi is clearly in charge. Raro runs back carrying Parvati, and Stephannie, Jenny, and Rebecca start working on fire. Once Cao Boi has scraped the magnesium shavings into a little bowl, he gets a little flame with about four strikes of the flint. As he moves the flaming grass over toward their big pile of wood, it starts to go out. Cao Boi picks up the smoldering grass and starts to wave it in the air, presumably to give it air, much as you would by blowing on it. It kind of looks like a dance. As Cao Boi leaps and yells and waves his little smoking wad of dry grass, Jeff can't help commenting, "Cao Boi's either going to be a hero, or very silly." I think that, sometimes, Jeff underestimates the viewer's ability to draw her own conclusions. Notably, Jenny is trying crazily right now to get a flame, but she whacks herself with the little hatchet she's striking with, and now her hand is bleeding. Injury! Injury! By now, Cao Boi has his little flame back, and he's blowing on the fire. Now, Stephannie is striking the flint and trying to get a flame going. But it's probably too late, because Cao Boi has Aitu's fire to a sustainable point now, and it seems like a matter of time. Stephannie is still trying, but there's nothing doing. Rebecca takes over, but she can't get anything either. Meanwhile, the Aitu flame reaches the rope. Cao Boi calmly blows on it. And there it goes -- the rope snaps, the flag drops, and everyone at Aitu cheers. Raro looks very sad. Jeff congratulates Aitu for not having to go to tribal council. Raro? Too bad for you. Jonathan gives Cao Boi a little hug, and Cao Boi kisses him on the cheek. Aw!

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