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Ruining The Camp

Sure enough, the trap Marty and Dan set for Chase has sprung, as he immediately tells Holly that they told him to vote for NaOnka tonight. But then! "I think their plan is to vote NaOnka and then actually blindside Jane," he says, showing that he may not be as stupid and easily fooled as once suspected. He's voting for Marty, but he doesn't know if Brenda will do the same. Brenda, meanwhile, is sitting on the beach waiting for Marty to come to her, which he does. He says that "Sash's plan" is to pretend to vote for NaOnka but then vote for Jane, and all the men except for Chase are down with this. Brenda interviews that it would be insane to let Jane get anywhere near the end, because she'd definitely win it. Marty leaves Brenda by saying he'll be packing his bags tonight but hopefully won't need to. Unlike Chase, Marty seems to know exactly how to approach Brenda and what to say. Brenda says she told Marty she agreed with his plan but when it comes down to it, Marty isn't running the camp -- she and Sash are. And if Sash didn't have that immunity idol, then it'd probably be just Brenda running the camp.

Brenda and Sash finally get a chance to chat. Brenda asks what his plan is. "My plan is whatever your plan is," Sash says. Brenda says the women want to get rid of Marty, while Sash reports that the men want to get rid of Jane. And basically, they get to pick who goes home next based on how annoying everyone else is. For instance, Sash wants Marty to go so he doesn't have to hear about how much Jane and the others hate him anymore, while Brenda doesn't appreciate Jane, Holly, and Chase's alliance telling her what to do and thinks they should be knocked down a few pegs by losing one of their own. Sash says that Marty could be useful to them for a while longer, since he tells them "everything." Yes, because I'm sure he's getting a ton of good insider info from Jane and Chase. Brenda interviews that she and Sash are basically the swing vote tonight, and both alliances think they're on their side. "I kinda am in charge right now," Brenda says. Yeah, and she's been in charge for pretty much this whole game, as much as Marty would love to think he's the one pulling all the strings.

The tribe arrives, and in walks first jury member Alina, looking fresh and shiny and clean. Brenda smiles at her in an attempt to win jury votes down the line, and then Probst begins by sort of apologizing once again for unfair "random" teams in the reward challenge, acknowledging that the women made a "great effort." Jane says it was tough to run into the obstacles and then bounce right off of them. Probst asks Sash if the guys spent their reward time away from camp bonding or strategizing. Sash says it was both, but typically reveals little more. Jud points out that while the five of them were strategizing on their reward, there were six people back at camp doing the same thing, so that could be a problem for the five winners. But at least he got to eat.

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