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Coach Kool-Aid

Meanwhile, back at Te Tuna, they don't have any fish in their net. Dawn and Cochran talk about how they're hungry and it sucks. Dawn says that she's kind of mad at herself that she didn't screw up Cochran's big move when she could have, because then Savaii might still be on top. So she's basically saying, "I wish I had betrayed your trust when I had the chance"? And then she tells Cochran that he owes her one, since she kept his secret for him. Cochran says that he's willing to change things up if they come up with a viable plan. In other words, "You do all the thinking and legwork, and I will latch on at the last minute if I think it might work, but I also might leave you high and dry, because I am incapable of doing any strategic thinking on my own." Cochran interviews that he thinks Dawn and Whitney will be grateful to him if he returns to their side, since they're kind of screwed, and while he has gotten a few promises to help him go further in the game from Upolu, he doesn't know if they're totally sincere. So he's weighing his options now. Unfortunately, a team of three can't top a team of six, so I don't know what they're planning exactly.

Immunity Challenge. Each contestant has to balance a bowl of rice on his or her head, cross two teeter-totters, and then dump the rice in a container. First one to fill the container (which will take multiple trips) wins, but touching the bowl or dumping it means starting that trip over. This seems a little biased towards women, because most of the guys dump almost immediately while most of the women make it at least over the first teeter totter. Whitney and Dawn are out front, and then I don't know what in the hell happens, but Whitney just disappears. I mean, I guess she dumped her bowl but they didn't show it at all. Stupid editors. You'd think they'd stay focused on Dawn and Whitney, since they have the most to lose. I don't know that I needed the ten-second crotch shot from below of Dawn going over the teeter-totter instead. Later, I see that Whitney dumped her bowl on the second teeter-totter because you can see the rice on the ground. Dawn, Sophie, and Brandon are the first to make it through one trip. Cochran is awful at this, and I think part of the problem is that his hair is too fluffy. It's still Brandon, Dawn, and Sophie in front. Sophie decides to go for it and fills her bowl with a ton of rice. Brandon and Dawn actually dump their third bowls into their container ahead of her, but it's not enough rice. Sophie makes it with her giant bowl of rice, and it's enough. She wins immunity. Probst promises them a twist at tonight's Tribal Council, but he won't tell them until they get there. Dawn knows that she's in trouble, but hopes the twist will help her out.

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