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Coach Kool-Aid

Albert lays out his reasons for voting out Edna to Whitney, who totally doesn't care, since all she wants to hear is that it's anyone but her. Albert's plan is to have Dawn, Whitney, Cochran, himself, and one other person vote out Edna. As Albert confabs with Whitney, Brandon asks Coach what's up with Albert doing so much consorting with the enemy. Coach has no response, but he definitely looks worried. Coach is no Boston Rob. He needs a buddy system like BRob instituted.

Cochran and Albert play checkers on a homemade checker board. Not sure if that was won in a reward challenge or if they made it themselves, though I'm not sure where they got the paint if it's the latter. Albert tells Cochran that the current plan is to vote Cochran out seventh, i.e. as soon as they get rid of the remaining Savaii, Cochran will be next to go. Albert goes on to tell Cochran that they do have a move available to them, but it's a big risk and a gamble.

So they go for a walk in the woods with Sophie. Albert tells Sophie that neither of them will get Edna's jury vote, so they might as well get rid of her now, and in the process, gain some Savaii jury votes. Sophie interviews that Albert's true colors are coming out, and she has the same colors: wanting to win. Wow, that color metaphor kind of fell apart in the middle. Anyway, Sophie says that they should probably take advantage of the fact that there are two free votes just hanging around in camp. Albert continues his hard sell and says that if they don't do something now, Cochran (who's standing right there) will be the next to go. Sophie tells Albert that she can't stand Edna, and Albert yells, "She's useless! It's like out-organize, out-clean, out-gather." That was hilarious. Anyway, Sophie interviews that now she has to decide whether to stick with Coach or go with Albert, and her decision will be based on what will get her further in the game. As it should be.

Meanwhile, Coach tells Edna that Albert is going off the reservation and he thinks Albert is trolling for jury votes. Cochran tells Albert that Coach is getting suspicious. This is setting up a big Clash of the Titans, Albert vs. Coach, which will be awesome when it happens. But will it happen tonight? Or will it be put off until all of the former Savaii are gone? Coach interviews that he thinks Albert is either cooking up a plan or trying to curry jury votes, and Coach doesn't like either option. Oh, so Albert isn't even allowed to try to get jury votes? Coach gathers his core five and says, "If anyone goes against the five, it's instant death. INSTANT DEATH." Coach interviews that there are three motivational tactics: coddling, reaffirming, and fear. So he's going with fear on this one. He didn't mention his favorite tactic: melodrama. He's using that one too.

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