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Coach Kool-Aid

Probst tallies the votes. No one plays a Hidden Immunity Idol. Interesting how that Idol hasn't come up lately. I'm assuming Coach still has it, even though "the tribe" found it together. So who holds onto it? And wouldn't that person be the tribe's leader? Just saying. And then Dawn is quickly voted out. Looks like only Dawn and Whitney voted for Edna, so there goes Albert's big plan. Dawn heads to Redemption Island.

But wait! There are still like twelve minutes left in the episode! Probst announces the twist: another immediate immunity challenge with a vote to follow. So Whitney has to win, or she's gone.

The challenge is a trivia contest. Each person has a cube with letters on it, so it's multiple choice. The first question is about how much water people on the show should consume daily (a gallon); Albert, Edna, and Rick get it wrong so they're out and we're down to five people. Isn't Edna a doctor? You'd think she'd be better at guessing the answer than that. Maybe she threw it because part of her plan is to appear non-threatening so that people will take her to the finals? It would actually be kind of awesome if she emerged as a challenge monster in the last three weeks.

Second question is about how the coconut crab got its name (which is because it eats coconut). Cochran and Brandon are out. So now it's down to Whitney, Coach, and Sophie. The third question is about what you call the soft edible part of the coconut stalk (heart of palm). Coach gets it wrong so we're down to Whitney and Sophie. The final question is about a dangerous clam (which is my stripper name) and Sophie gets it right and wins immunity.

Obviously, Whitney is going home so I don't know why they even draw it out at all. She voted for Cochran for some unknown reason; maybe as a final screw you? Everyone else voted for Whitney and she is headed to Redemption Island with Dawn and Ozzy. Once she's gone, Probst tells the remaining tribe members that they accomplished the goal of getting rid of Savaii, but now they have to turn on their own. Or, you know, vote Cochran out next. That's obviously what will happen unless he wins immunity. I don't know how Coach thinks he might win if he promises everyone that he'll take them along and then ditches them one-by-one. He can't take EVERYONE to the finals, and the people he backstabs will be on the jury. I don't know if he's completely thought this through. We shall see.

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