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Rustle Versus Ruffle
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As they return from blindsiding Caleb, Hayden congratulates Tyson on making a great move. Hayden interviews that he thought they were blindsiding Ciera, but they pulled one over on him. Hayden then tells everyone remaining that he hopes they are happy with second place, because if Tyson goes to the end, he will win based on his gameplay. Hayden manages to make this sound congratulatory instead of bitter; it's smart because that way, no one can argue with him, and they might actually listen to him. Gervase semi-jokingly explodes with trash talk, saying that Tyson wouldn't be anywhere if not for him, and everyone laughs, but you know Gervase really feels that way. Hayden says that Tyson is the one who will get the jury votes. Tyson asks why Hayden is throwing him under the bus, and Hayden says it's the truth, and Tyson deserves to win the game. See? Congratulatory. Hard to take issue with that.

Tyson interviews that he didn't like Hayden blowing up his spot (do people still say that?) and he's sorry now that he played his Idol. I think that's been the one misstep in Tyson's game so far, though I do understand why he played it. Tyson gathers his alliance: Monica, Ciera, and Gervase. They decide to vote out Hayden next, and if he wins immunity, they'll vote out Katie. So what happens next week when they don't have a back-up person? I wonder if anyone is thinking about that.

Time for the Truel between Tina, Laura, and Caleb. Probst notes that Caleb won't even look at his tribe, and Caleb says that in the South, a man's word means something but apparently in this game and Utah (Tyson) and Philly (Gervase), it doesn't mean anything. Ooh, our first bitter potential juror. Well, I guess Vytas is pretty bitter but I'm not sure who he's bitter at right now. Gervase retorts that they thought Caleb was coming after them, so they took him out first, and now he's a sore loser. Gervase! Not winning any favor with the jury.

Probst explains the rules of the competition. Each contestant will use one hundred fifty wooden tiles to build a house of cards. If their house gets to be eight feet tall, they win. Or, the two with the highest stack after thirty minutes will get to stay. They start building and I'm sure this is a bit time compressed, but Laura seems to get her tower up to eight feet high in like two minutes and she wins.

So now it's down to Tina and Caleb. Laura can't help Tina cheat on this one. Tina is a bit ahead, but she drops some tiles and then she and Caleb are even with about three minutes left. Tina struggles, and Caleb gets close to the eight foot mark. There's only one minute left. Caleb should just stop building and let time run out, but I think he's so focused that he can't stop. Tina loses some more tiles. Caleb's stack is very, very crooked. With thirty seconds, Caleb's entire stack falls over. Tina realizes that she can just sit there and hope her stack doesn't fall because there's no way Caleb can rebuild in time. Tina gleefully counts down the last ten seconds and wins second place. Caleb is going home.

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