Salvation And Desertion

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Chiclets is now awake, and wonders if Cirie and Courtney have debriefed about Shane; they have, she is assured. Chiclets throws her thumb hard over her shoulder, stage-whispering, "OUT!" They all chuckle. In an interview, Chiclets recalls Shane's "crazy manic psycho fit" and says, "He's next." I'm assuming it's Bruce they think would vote with them, which seems pretty likely, given how Aras and Shane have treated Bruce. Chiclets also talks to Cirie and Courtney about what an "idiot" and a "moron" Shane is, and they revel in how he's going to get it -- Courtney and Chiclets do, that is. Cirie is pretty much staying quiet, which is right, because she doesn't need to say anything. It's amazing how this game would grind to a complete halt if everyone knew when to shut up. It's like life in that way, really. Chiclets further interviews that she couldn't care less if Shane leaves the alliance, because she hates him anyway. This is the worst alliance I have ever seen, I have to say. I mean, last week, their four-person alliance voted for three different people. That's not so much an "alliance" as it is "even more fragmented voting than usual." Courtney tells the other women that the intent to boot Shane next should be kept quiet.

Behold those teeny little ants. You will need a magnifying glass.

We now visit La Mina on Day 15, where Dan is staring peacefully out at the water. He tells us what a nice day it is, and how he's taking a photogenic moment to enjoy it. He says, "I've been within two hundred miles of this spot, many times." And then we cut to him as he grins and says, "Vertically," while pointing at the sky. He has done that line, or lines like that, a lot, you can tell. It's not like I don't understand how magical space travel is, and it's not like I don't get that Dan's trying to say something cute, but...I mean, if you're two hundred miles away from Earth, you're probably not flying with much precision over this particular location in Panama. I just get the feeling that you can be in a lot of places in the world with Very Pale Dan, and he will tell you that he's been within two hundred miles of the place...vertically. With that smile. It's his best line ever.

The rest of the tribe is waking up in the shelter, where Nick is telling Sally that he still feels punk from the rotten night of intestinal issues he and Austin had. Terry tells him that they'll warm up the beans. I'm sure that thrills Nick to no...end. You know. We then see some eating of beans going on, and Austin offers that they taste better today. Sally, in an interview, returns to the theme that the guys are all sort of boys'-club about everything, which she thinks is short-sighted, because she doesn't think this group will go, in one group, as far as they're thinking. She and Terry catch some minnows for food. Terry and Austin each slide a couple of minnows into their throats. "Boy, did he taste awful," Austin comments. I never call my food "he."

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