Salvation And Desertion

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Casaya is brought to a beach where there are a bunch of kids getting up to no good, as kids do. The kids come out and meet them and welcome them, which is very nice. Obviously, the contestants all found the contact and the friendliness very nourishing, which I do understand. They are led into the village, where a barbecue is underway. There just isn't enough eating in the world for these people, I'm sure. Chiclets talks about all the great food that kept showing up, and we watch as everyone gorges. And drinks, of course. Cirie interviews that it was great to be around people other than the tribe, and to be around kids, who reminded her of the kids in her family. One looked just like her niece. Aw. She tells us that the reward was "much needed." Courtney even tries the hula hoop.

Shane sees a guy smoking a cigarette, and he winds up bumming a cigarette. In an interview, he talks about how he would have given up everything down to his underwear for the cigarette, but it looks to me like the guy just lets him have one. As people do. Shane deeply inhales the cigarette. Not so much with the quitting, then. With the cigarette, Shane looks truly remarkable here -- the combination of food after a lack of food and a sudden intake of a drug to which he is severely addicted affect him just about the way a nightmare would tell you they would. You could take Shane's picture right here, and it would keep a lot of kids away from smoking. And tattoos. And wearing their hair that way. He's almost stunned as much as he is stoned, shaking his head like he's trying to clear water out of his ears. "Shane, I'm not happy about that, buddy," Aras says as he watches. Because Aras is actually stupid enough to look at that display and think that his disapproval can possibly compete with what's going on chemically in Shane's brain at the moment. "This is probably a really bad decision," Shane says as he continues to smoke the cigarette. Interestingly, as the boards noted, Shane was clearly shown drinking orange soda earlier, and now they go to some trouble to show that he's drinking what at least appears to be beer. One of those hand-in-hand guys, perhaps. He interviews that he was "in a stupor," making it sound like a little more fun to watch than it actually is. This poochy-lipped display isn't nearly as much fun as a real stupor would be, particularly if it were caused by, say, being hit with a volume of the World Book Encyclopedia. ["My sister and I have this thing where if we see a gross guy, one of us will tell the other, 'That's your boyfriend.' (I realize we didn't invent this.) At this point, I said of Shane, 'That's your boyfriend,' and she said, 'I was going to say he was your boyfriend, but I thought he was too disgusting and I couldn't even joke that he was.' And I said, 'You're right. I take it back.' THAT'S HOW GROSS HE IS." -- Wing Chun] Shane says he couldn't believe how the cigarette affected him, as we watch him looking like he's...well, it might be the cigarette, or he might also be drunk, it seems to me. "It just shows me how devastating nicotine is to the body on every level," Shane says. Now looking quite clearly drunk, Shane gets up and makes a speech that is incoherent even to the people present who do speak English, in which he mostly gestures toward his chest and demonstrates how much love he feels for the Panamanian barbecue. The love is real. It originates in his sternum. Everyone looks to be patiently tolerating him, the way you always tolerate that one guy at he neighborhood pool party who's somebody's boyfriend, but nobody's sure whose ["not my sister's, that is for sure" -- Wing Chun], and he stands up and talks about how much he loves everyone, and then he passes out at a picnic table with his head down.

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