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If Your Father Dies, Don't Tell Corinne

Later on, Sugar has another tall, thin tower. It's hovering up at six feet, but it could fall over at any minute. Meanwhile, Bob is having a hard time getting anything going. And there's Susie, with a much sturdier tower than Sugar's that's at the five foot mark. Yes, SUSIE! THE CHALLENGE MONSTER! Probst decides that Sugar's tower has gotten tall enough and blows some hot air in its direction, announcing that it's up at six and a half feet. And there it goes. Probst also hates Susie, and knocks her tower over by saying it's just past the five foot mark. She's trying to put on some flying buttresses for support, but nothing can withstand Probst's wind bagging and the tower falls. And Bob's tower, which is like a foot high, also falls. No big loss.

More time passes. The contestants keep working on their towers, everyone using the same method every time except for Bob, who's still searching for the perfect card tower. He hasn't found it yet, so he's way at the bottom while Sugar, Matty, and Susie are all pretty high up. Sugar is in the lead at just under seven feet, but her tower is weak. But if she can keep it standing for five more minutes, she'll win, since that's all that's left in this stupid challenge. Couldn't they have made it, like, an hour long so as to give these guys a chance to build a ten-foot-high tower? This is so anti-climatic. Sugar's tower wobbles as she works on it, but somehow stays up, even though Probst tries his hardest to knock it over. Susie, meanwhile, up to just under eight feet. She's about to put more tiles on, but then looks around and realizes that she's in the lead and decides to stop. Smart, but it means that if she wins, it'll be because she didn't participate at the end, which is why this challenge is lame. Matty's is only at six feet, so he has to keep working, as does Sugar. With one minute left, Sugar and Matty are still trying to top Susie's tower. She's considering putting another tile on. Don't do it, Susie! She doesn't. Meanwhile, Sugar and Matty are both approaching Susie's tower height with just seconds to go. Bob's tower, such as it was, collapses. Then Sugar's goes as well. Matty's still in it, and Susie watches him build and prays as Probst counts down. And then ... SUSIE WINS! Hooray for Susie! By the way, it turns out that Susie has mad card house building skills. Growing up, her family didn't have much money for toys so they would build houses of cards every Sunday. No one else had a chance in this challenge. Probst puts the immunity necklace around Susie's neck and tells her she is guaranteed a spot in the Final Three, and won both the first individual challenge and the last. THAT'S RIGHT! CHALLENGE MONSTER! I always had faith in her. And unlike Crystal, she actually came through! Too bad there's no way she can win since she's been invisible all game and the editors would never edit the eventual winner out of the show like that. Probst sends everyone back, and Susie gives him a cute wink on her way out. Susie tells us that she was in shock that she won immunity, and knows that if she hadn't won it, she'd be going home tonight. "So now, I'm not going home until tomorrow," she says. Thank you, Susie. Sugar, on the other hand, is absolutely beside herself, saying they got rid of Ken because they thought there was no way Susie would win immunity in the final challenge. Oops! Too bad so sad! Being underestimated has gotten you through this game, Sugar. You should have known better than to underestimate someone else. Unless that person is Crystal.

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