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If Your Father Dies, Don't Tell Corinne

Probst asks Matty how the rest of the afternoon went when they returned to camp. Matty says there wasn't much scrambling back at camp, but there was some in his own head. That's the hamsters, Matty. The ones that run on the wheel that works your brain. He says that Sugar saved him by giving him the immunity idol, so there's no way he can vote her out tonight. Crystal makes an especially sassy look at the mention of her tragic ouster. Probst asks Bob about his choices tonight. Bob says Matty is probably his biggest threat when it comes to jury votes, so he's voting for him. Probst asks Sugar the same question. She says she knows she'll lose to Bob or Matty in the Final Three. At this, Corinne nods. I didn't know someone could nod in such a bitchy way, but Corinne did it. Sugar repeats that Matty is like a brother and Bob is like a dad, and she loves them both equally. At this, Corinne scowls and shakes her head, confused. Sugar is discussing human emotion and love, which is something Corinne has no concept of.

Probst asks Matty how it feels to hear that Sugar thinks of him like a brother. He says it feels good, and he thinks of her like a sister. Probst asks Bob the same thing, reminding us all that to be a father figure for Sugar, who just lost her dad, is significant. Bob says it feels good to make that kind of impression on Sugar, and that he is a father. He tries to say he's a damn good one, but starts to break down. Awww. "You're a good dad," Susie says. But she can't help but add that she was shocked to win the immunity necklace and Bob yells at her, thus ruining the moment. No, not really. "I'm a father, and I'm a damn good one. Because I had the best father anyone could have. He set a great example and I've tried to follow it," Bob says. Um, when did this become the Bob's dad show? Isn't it the Sugar's dad show? Way to steal Sugar's dad's thunder. Bob's dad.

Probst is loving all this emotional stuff, and tries to keep it going by asking Bob how Sugar must feel having to choose between her brother and her father. Bob says Sugar is in the cruelest situation she could be in, but that's where she is and she has to choose someone. She has to choose someone to win the fourth-place prize of $75,000 and go eat and take a shower and sleep in a nice, warm bed. TRAGEDY!!! With that, it's time to vote.

Matty votes for Bob and has nothing but kind words to say to him. Sugar's runny nose has got to look just awesome to those of you who are watching on your HDTVs. Bob votes for Matty. Probst tallies the votes and returns with the urn. First vote: Bob. Second vote: Bob. Third vote: Matty. And the fourth vote -- Sugar's vote -- is for Matty. It's a tie. Charlie is shocked. Marcus and Corinne are thrilled. But you know they'll never give credit for this to Sugar, who has once again masterminded a blindside. They'll probably find a way to hold it against her at the Final Tribal. The tiebreaker will be a fire-making challenge, just like Bob suspected. If Susie was competing, she would, of course, beat everyone. But it's just Bob and Matty this time. Unfortunately for Matty, he's never seen this show before and Sugar didn't give him a clue like she did Bob, and so he had no idea this was coming. I wonder who will win?

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