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If Your Father Dies, Don't Tell Corinne

Oh, and now we get recap of last week, when Ken used Bob's guilt to try to stab him in the back, only to be stabbed in the back himself by Sugar and see his ally Crystal be voted out. And then she went to the Losers Lounge, where Randy, Charlie, Marcus, and Corinne gave her the silent treatment like the disgusting people they truly are. Yes, Charlie, even you. Perhaps especially you, because you were the only one who realized that what your friends were doing was wrong and went along with it anyway to belong to the Cool Kids Club. How many of your classmates growing up made fun of you for being gay even though they knew it was wrong because they wanted to look cool in front of their friends? Shame on you.

The Final Five return to camp. Sugar is quick to gloat, saying the hidden idol was played "perfectly." Ken seems to disagree. Sugar says giving the idol to Matty felt "glorious." It looked glorious, too. Sugar and Matty high-five, and Sugar says she's never felt this powerful in her life. Except that now that Matty and Bob are still in the game and she doesn't have an idol, she's probably the least powerful she's ever been in this game. Whoops! Ken just says he had no idea that was coming, and asks where the plan came about. "In the woods somewhere," Sugar says; "you know how it goes around here, Kenny." And to think that he let her wear his shirt! Ken says he thought he was the one being voted out. Bob says he knew he wasn't, and that's why he didn't give him the necklace. Ken asks what happens next time, then, when it is him. "Why don't you get your own idol?" Bob says. OH SNAP! Easy for Bob to say, though. When he needs an idol, he just makes one. Or wins it. Or both! Ken tells us that he feels "a little bit betrayed," so now I guess he knows how all those other people he fucked over felt. He whines to Bob that it's not like he doesn't try to win his own necklace, and he was close at the last immunity challenge. "We'll see," Bob says, totally done with him. Has Ken forgotten that he only wanted Bob's necklace so he could turn around and vote Bob out? Because Bob sure as hell hasn't. Bob tells us that he's annoyed that Ken tried to call him out at Tribal Council and make him look like a liar in front of the jury. "All promises are off," Bob says. Are there even any left? Everyone congratulates Bob for playing a great game, while Ken looks so jealous. He's supposed to be the big strategist! He's the game player! Ken, not Bob!

But really, the only big strategist in this game is Sugar. The next morning, Sugar whispers to Bob that Ken thinks he's in an alliance with her, while Susie thinks she's tight with Matty. Sugar says she'll just pretend she's still with Ken and Matty will pretend he's with Susie, and then Bob, Sugar, and Matty will take Ken and Susie out. "Is that cool with you?" she asks. "Yes, dear," Bob says. Sugar tells us that she wants to be in the Final Three with Bob and Matty because she apparently hates money. That means Ken and Susie have to go. She'll cozy up to Ken again and try to win back his trust after voting Crystal out. That's going to be difficult after publicly giving the idol to Matty, no?

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