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If Your Father Dies, Don't Tell Corinne

Marcus turns to Sugar and says he's "assuming" that her father is dead. How nice of him. Sugar says that her father truly is dead. Corinne smiles. Just remember, Corinne: your father is going to die one day, too. And no one is going to make fun of you for it, not like you'd care if they did since you probably don't love your own father. That would require you to possess feelings such as love. Marcus says that he, too, has lost someone close to him. Except he's probably talking about his friendship with Kenny Cox. Not the same, Marcus. He wants to know if Sugar will donate part of her winnings to honor her father's memory the way he would have done if he had won the million. Which is easy for him to say since he didn't, and he's a PHYSICIAN so he doesn't need the million-dollar prize as much as Sugar might. Sugar says she never considered actually winning, but if she did, she'd put some money towards lung cancer, because that's what her father died from. Meanwhile Corinne is no doubt sitting back there thinking that this is the funniest show she's ever seen.

Marcus turns to Bob and basically says that he, Charlie, and Corinne are voting for him tonight, so he wants to know one time when Bob was responsible for his decisions in the game. Bob says he never had to take control of anything in this game, because the decisions that were made for him were just fine. Pretty much.

And now, Randy. He asks Susie to "elaborate" on why she felt sorry for him, and then helpfully explains what elaborate means just in case she doesn't know. Oh, what an insult! Assuming Susie doesn't know what a four-syllable word means! They'll be talking about this one at the water cooler tomorrow. Susie says that Randy struck her as someone who is sad inside, and she wishes she knew how to help him. If that offended him, she's sorry. That wasn't how it was meant. Susie might also want to give him some free hair advice and say that gray hair doesn't work in a mohawk. Randy turns to Sugar and asks her why she rolled around in the dirt laughing at him after he was voted out and made herself look like a jackass. I think the answer to that is pretty obvious, and gives Sugar the chance to say that Randy did a good job of making himself look like a jackass. Randy can't believe that's all she has to say, so Sugar gives him some more: "you were a jerk. You were a jerk the whole time. Sorry." And what more does he want? He was a jerk. He knows it. He's proud of it. Why shouldn't someone else say it? Randy tries to tell Sugar that she's as much of a loser in this game as he is. Sugar doesn't care, because she's looking at third place minimum and Randy got eighth. Do the math. Randy asks Bob why he took part in the fake idol plot. Bob doesn't have much to say for himself. Unlike Sugar, he doesn't take ownership over what he did and says it was strategic. Randy says it clearly wasn't, since they had the votes to get rid of him no matter what. He begs Bob to give him a reason, since if he doesn't he'll have to vote for Susie, because she was the only person who didn't laugh at him. Bob just says he didn't mean to embarrass Randy and was outraged at Sugar's reaction to his boot and told her so later in camp. Sugar nods, totally backing Bob up as he lists off her character flaws.

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