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If Your Father Dies, Don't Tell Corinne

Matty is the last to go. Losing the beard has somehow made his voice higher and accentuates his non-existent lips. He asks Susie why Bob and Sugar deserve the money less than she does. Susie says she has faults of her own, like talking too much and not keeping her promises. "But I know this is a game," she adds. The jury laughs at this, although I'm not sure why. Wasn't that a big dig at Marcus, who doesn't know this is a game? Susie says she was disgusted with Sugar about what she did to Randy, because even though he can be "harsh," she still doesn't think he deserved to be humiliated like that. I do! As for Bob, she thought he should have been nicer to her after she won the last immunity challenge, just like she was happy for when other people won their challenges, and would have been happy for Crystal if she had ever come close to winning. Matty asks Sugar to tell them something she did in the game that was "evil." Too bad that Corinne set the bar so high on evil, because it just makes Sugar's answer of hurting Ken look not so bad. Matty was apparently looking for something else, but Sugar doesn't give it to him, so he moves onto Bob, asking him why Susie and Sugar are more deserving of the million dollars than he is. "I don't think they are," Bob says. That could have been said more diplomatically. Like, "at this point in the game and while I'm sitting here answering these questions, I can't afford to think that I'm not the most deserving player." Because when it comes to who played this game the best, he's not the most deserving player. Sugar is. Sugar played this game better than anyone else. She played it so well that she got bored and decided to keep playing and put likable people in the Final Three instead of people she had a chance to beat. Which kind of ruined things, but whatever.

And that's it. Probst reminds the jury that they're about to cast a million-dollar vote, and Marcus smiles at the power this somehow implies. They all take a commercial break to consider their vote. By the way, what's with all of the out of focus shots of jury members? If you don't get the shot, don't put it in the show. And then hire a crew that will get the shot next season. With that, it's time to vote.

Matty votes for Susie, saying they were friends in the beginning and they're friends at the end. Yes, they were friends this whole time except for when he was trying to vote her out.

Corinne votes for Bob, of course, saying he did an awesome job surviving out here, but she has no idea how he survives in real life. Uh ... quite well, actually, Corinne. Unlike, you know, you, he has a job and a spouse and children and love. Also, Corinne marks her vote with a triangle with a K in the center and Marcus, Charlie, and her initials in the corners to show that they all voted together. Yeah, no shit. Sugar knew you would. Everyone did. Sugar knew it, and kept Bob in the game anyway. You owe the fact that you can vote for Bob to Sugar. And why are they allowed to vote in a block like this? Like, to the extent that they created little voting logos? Can we take some measures to prevent this from happening in on future seasons, please? We don't see Randy's vote, but he loudly shouts "all three of you, kiss my ass!" when holding it up. The "ass" part is censored, of course. If they weren't going to show "Ace-hole," then they weren't going to let us hear someone say "ass." Because Randy did not follow that up with a joke about Sugar's dead dad, everyone laughs. Randy thinks he's cool, but he's really just following the trend set by Crystal. We don't see who Ken votes for, but he labors over the decision, pacing around the booth before casting his vote.

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