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When we return from break, we get to see a clip package all about "Lisa's Journey." I kind of feel like this whole season was all about Lisa's Journey. The editors really did her a favor since from what the other contestants have said in post-game interviews is that she was really nice, but not considered a major player. And yet, she was largely the star of this season.

And now Probst is going to talk more about Lisa and Her Journey. Probst asks if she was concerned about her public image going on the show, and Lisa says she really wasn't, because she's really more down-to-earth than Blair. She claims she wasn't self-conscious about her appearance, but then why did she get a perm and tattooed eyebrows before going on the show? Probst asks if she was concerned about how her religion would be portrayed. Lisa makes a lot of sense when she says that she doesn't think prayer translates on television and she doesn't think God cares who wins Survivor, or have a favorite team, country, or even religion. I like that brand of Christianity. I got a little confused in this next part, but I think what she's trying to say is that God cares about all of his people, so he cared that Denise won in as much as he just cares about Denise, but he didn't make it happen. So basically, God is in the tub.

Probst asks if it was tough for her to play the game, which required her to do things that weren't Godly. Lisa says that she's always been a people-pleaser and a God-pleaser, and wanted people and God to like her, but she had to realize while playing that it's okay to be human and be both good and bad inside the game and outside of the game. I didn't love this interlude when I first watched the reunion, but it's bugging me a lot less right now. I think it makes more sense on second viewing.

Probst won't let it go and asks Lisa what appealed about going on Survivor, since she pursued the show and not the other way around. Lisa talks about how she's always loved the game and she read a book that advised her to put herself out of her comfort zone and stop trying to control everything, and that's what Survivor did for her. Then we get to see her reunion with her brother again where she just LOST IT, all sobbing and snotty. Probst asks what her brother said and Lisa says that he convinced her to play from her gut, because her heart loved her fellow contestants, but her head wanted to knock them all out and win the money. Probst shows a split screen of Lisa before her brother's visit (looks like hell) and after (looks like a grinning maniac and might murder me in my sleep).

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