Season 27 – Reunion

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The Triumph of Tyson
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After Tyson has had some time to give out all of the hugs and everyone is back on stage, Probst welcomes us to the reunion and launches right into the traditional Celebration of the Winner with a clip package of Tyson's highs and lows. This seems like a good time to talk about Tyson's hair. It's been flat-ironed? I read an interview with him where he said the hair and makeup people straightened his hair and then wanted him to wear it in a ponytail but he thought he looked like a creepy uncle so he wore it down. You'd think they could have at least thrown some beachy waves in there so it didn't look quite so sorority sister. Anyway, in the clip package, when Rachel left, Tyson vowed to beat everyone there. And then he did! That's kind of awesome. He also dislocated his shoulder. Then he found all of the Idols, basically told his alliance who to vote out each and every time (or at least each time that it mattered) and won the game.

Tyson gets choked up again watching the clip package. Man, is Tyson on his period? What's with all the waterworks? Kidding. It just cracks me up that the guy has always been such a goof and now he's suddenly Mr. Emotions. Probst asks him what was different this time, his third time playing the game. Tyson says that his original intention was to go in and have fun and he was only playing so that Rachel could also play and have the experience. And then when she refused to let him switch with her, and denied herself the experience, he knew that he had to fight and scrape and win to make her sacrifice worth it. Probst asks if that made a big different in his mindset and Tyson says it did, because there were times in the past when he would have relaxed or let down his guard, and this time he wouldn't let himself do that.

Probst asks Rachel if she was surprised to hear that her departure had such a huge impact, and Rachel says she was. She adds that she always knew Tyson had it in him to make the finals, but she still wondered if he would do it. Probst asks Tyson to try to give the audience a sense for not just the physical struggles, but also the mental fatigue. Tyson says that, other than Caleb, no one seemed to sleep more than two hours a night, both due to discomfort and strategy running through their heads. Why was Caleb able to get so much sleep? Missed the follow-up there, Probst. Probst says he likes seeing a Tyson who can complete a sentence and isn't always sarcastic. That must get frustrating for him, when he gets players who are just trying to fuck with the process. Then again, they did invite Tyson back twice.

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