Season 27 – Reunion

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The Triumph of Tyson

Probst tells Ciera that she made two of the biggest moves in the game, which shocked him because he initially thought she'd be out early. I think we all did. First, Probst wants to know if the rock-drawing really came into shape at Tribal, or if Ciera had considered flipping ahead of time. Ciera says that she didn't really realize she was in fourth place in their alliance until that moment, and she also realized that she could get to the final four and then go home filled with regret that she didn't at least try something. Probst gets ALL fired up and yells that you have to play to win, not play for four or five or the jury.

Probst tells Hayden that he did one of the best sales jobs at Tribal Council of all time, and wonders if Hayden planned that ahead of time or just picked up on the vibe at Tribal Council. It's nice to see Hayden get his due; that was pretty amazing. I don't know that I've ever seen someone change so many minds during one Tribal Council. Hayden says that he knew going in that he was next to go and it would take a big move for him to stay, so when he saw his opportunity, he went for it and it worked.

Probst brings up Ciera's other big move: voting out her mom. He compliments Laura for her touching and mature interview where she explained that she didn't want to go home, but she was also really proud of how strong Ciera had become as a person, and we see that clip again. Probst asks if they're closer now, and Laura says that they couldn't really be closer, and Ciera adds that there's maybe a new element to their relationship and a new respect for one another.

Probst promises that Rupert and Colton are next, and I'd kind of like to skip this part? But I will make it brief, because they're both assholes. Colton once again has a chance to try to redeem himself and he bombs, blaming his quitting on being on a tribe of men the first time and "Tribe AARP" the second time. I wish Tyson would just punch him in the face. I don't advocate violence, but Colton has one of the most punchable faces of all time. Probst is forced to admit that Colton really only quit once, but then comes backs strong by saying that Colton is joking about his tribe, but three of them kicked his ass and made it to the finals. Probst is just perplexed by Colton and wants to know why he quit. Colton's big rationale is that he needs other people to take care of him, and now he's trying to learn to persevere. Ugh. He's in his 20s, right? Grow the fuck up. Probst asks Caleb what he sees in Colton that we don't. Caleb says that Colton likes comfort, and without it, he goes into panic mode, and becomes almost a different person. Yeah, he seems very different on these reunion shows. Except he seems like the same little snot.

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