Season 27 – Reunion

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The Triumph of Tyson

Done with him! How about Rupert? Ugh, talk about going from bad to worse. Anyway, Rupert gave up his spot so that his wife could stay. And then immediately lost at Redemption Island, which was awesome. Rupert says he has no regrets and he wanted to protect and save his wife. How about maybe she doesn't need your help? How about you let her win or lose on her own merits, like John did? Or like Tyson did? That, to me, is a much more manly and respectful way to play. Laura says that she was happy to play and she had a great time, so she's grateful to him. Aaaand, we're done with Rupert. Hooray! Moving on.

Then there's a whole thing about Cochran and how he got a job on the writing staff of The Millers after he mentioned wanting one on last year's finale. And that's great and all, but it's a really long segment and there are so many people who were on THIS season that we didn't get more than a second with, and how about we make this a webisode next time? Fine, I know CBS wants to promote their sitcom during a highly-rated show but does it have to be so long?

Let's talk to Aras and Vytas. Aras says that it did bring them closer, because prior to this they haven't had many positive experiences together, and this is something they can talk about for years and years. Aras admits that everything isn't always rosy. Vytas adds that he thought they were as tight as they ever were and then they day they got back, they got in a fight and didn't talk for two weeks. That's healthy. Anyway, they say they're brothers who are close in age so they will always be competitive. I think Vytas is kind of a punk, honestly. A Twitter use wants to know if Vytas would play again. He totally would, and so would Hayden. I would much rather see Hayden and Ciera back than Vytas, honestly.

Going back to Hayden now, he says that Survivor is physically much harder than Big Brother, although Big Brother is harder socially because it goes on longer. Then he talks to Kat, who has on so much makeup that she looks like a '60s lounge singer. She laughs that she and Rustle Feathers are still a couple, but they live in two different states. Kat wants them to live in the same state, so she got a boob job. No, she really did. And she says that's why. And no one knows what in the fuck she's talking about. You guys, I worry about their future children. Hayden could do better.

Probst moves on to talk to Candice and John. Candice says this season was much harder because normally in the game, you can put on your armor and go into game mode, but when your husband is playing, your emotions get involved and you start acting crazy. I liked Candice and John on the show, but mostly as antagonists for Brad. They're kind of boring otherwise.

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