Secrets And Lies And An Idol Surprise

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Speaking of "on the block," Gary is out hunting for the idol. And not being too dumb, he's taking the best approach I can think of, which is that he's sort of tailing Judd. Because if you're smart enough to realize the guy probably didn't tell you what the clue really says, then you might be smart enough to realize that the way to figure out what it says is know, follow him and see where he's looking himself. It occurs to Gary that Judd is rather obviously looking up all the time, into trees and so forth. Clearly, the clue did not say the idol was on the ground. And Judd is stupid.

Back at Camp No-Fun, Rafe wonders where Gary went, and he and Steph figure out that he's off idol-hunting. "That'd be amazing if he found it," she says. No kidding. Judd returns. Gary returns.

And now, tribal council. The group files in, and Jeff kicks off his own uselessness this week by asking Danni how important trust is. She says that the numbers game bothers her, and that she knows there's not a lot she can do about being on the block. Rafe mentions the prevalence of "paranoia." He says that everyone is experiencing it, but that you have to "not let that drive you insane." My brain adds, "Jamie." For no particular reason, Jeff asks Gary whether you can lie in the game without breaking your moral code. Gary tentatively answers that everyone really has to answer for himself what kind of lying is okay. "Have you told any lies?" Jeff asks. "No," says Gary Hawkins, landscaper who has never played in the NFL. "Judd, you lied in this game?" Jeff asks. Judd practically has an embolism as he says, "No, sir. Not yet." If his eyes got any bigger, you could feel them through your TV. His eyes continue to BOING! out of his head as he repeats that he hasn't "lied about anything yet." That was very convincing. I think he has a future in professional poker. Jeff asks Cindy whether she trusts people, and she says that she does trust them on a personal level, but she wins points with me forever by saying she doesn't really think it's possible to go all the way through the game and never lie. "I think we're all going to be liars before it's all over with," she says with a bit of a smile. Smart lady. Still-bulging-eyed Judd strokes his beard.

And now. Jeff says that before the vote, this would be the point that anyone who had found the immunity idol and wanted to produce it should produce it. Everyone looks around. The pause, she is lengthy. Then, just as the cymbals build, Gary reaches down and emerges with the idol in his hand. "Oh my God, Gary!" Steph says with what reads to me as genuine delight. ["'YOU OWE ME A NICKEL,' I screech at my sister with so much force that I actually start coughing. (I bet that they wouldn't show us the person finding the idol so that the reveal at tribal council would be more dramatic, and she bet they wouldn't. And now I am one nickel richer." -- Wing Chun] Gary takes the idol over to Jeff and wordlessly hands it in. "I knew it," Steph says, her million-dollar grin all lit up. Judd looks very unhappy, because his brilliant plan was apparently foiled. Bobby Jon looks possessed by bittersweet feelings, for obvious reasons.

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