Secrets And Lies And An Idol Surprise

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No talking. Yep -- there is no talking. You have to just vote. So if the lines weren't so clear, this could have really caused some havoc, which would have been fun, but it isn't happening. As Judd goes off to vote, we get a wonderful shot of a slightly mischievous smile on Gary, who has suddenly become probably the most engaging person on the show. Judd votes. Jamie votes for Bobby Jon. "Wow. Sorry," he says. Rafe votes. Lydia votes. Cindy votes. Bobby Jon votes for Steph. "You're just starting to take control of the game," he says. "I don't know how long it's going to last, but better now than never, I guess." (Or possibly, "Better now than ever." Honestly, couldn't tell you.) Danni votes for Steph. Steph votes for Bobby Jon. "I'm glad you made the jury if you're the one that goes tonight," she says with a smile. "I could be wrong. If it's not you, congrats."

Time to tally. When Jeff returns from this challenging task, he reads the first two votes, both of which are for Steph. And then, rather at random, there is a vote for Cindy. Then Bobby Jon. And Bobby Jon again. And Bobby Jon again. And Bobby Jon again. So that's four for him. And finally, the tenth person out and the first member of the jury is Bobby Jon. His torch is snuffed, and he heads out. Jeff's words of wisdom are...not, really, as usual.

Now, we saw Danni and Bobby Jon vote for Steph, so the weird question is why Gary voted for Cindy. And...I really have no idea. Weird effort to see if he can get in with Steph's team and maybe weasel in ahead of Cindy? Genuine unwillingness to vote against Steph? No idea.

In Bobby Jon's exit interview, he says he was surprised by the outcome only in that he had no idea Gary had the idol. He falls back on the argument that the Lord apparently didn't want him to win. Whatever makes you feel better, I suppose.

Next week: Jamie and Gary spar. Big reward challenge. Something happens involving Lydia, who says "it's a hard decision," so one wonders whether...well, I don't dare get too hopeful.

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