Secrets And Lies And An Idol Surprise

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On the morning of Day 22, Lydia is pounding corn in the one camp task that we've seen people do all season. I have to say, there haven't been quite as many food rewards as in some seasons, I don't think, and there seems to be no fishing of note, so these people really must be eating a honkload of corn. Never has this show featured quite so much carbo-loading. Jamie stirs in the shelter. Lydia goes out to offer breakfast to everyone, but Judd turns her down. He interviews, "Other than the food, camp life is great, man." He reminds us that the "most vulnerable" people are Danni, Gary, and Bobby Jon. Steph, Jamie, and Judd sit around having a chat in which Steph points out (correctly) that getting to this point is really difficult, so when you get to a point like they're at right now, you don't change -- you "stick with all your people." I think this is meant to comfort a nervous Jamie, who is wondering whether he should be worried about the fact that everyone clearly hates him. Judd mentions that, if the situation were reversed, the former Yaxha would be "doing the same thing." There's a shot of Judd and Steph laughing, but I don't believe they're actually laughing at this -- it certainly sounds like something else happened that made them chuckle. Even Steph and Judd aren't impaired enough to find that hilarious.

Bobby Jon and Danni are sitting back-to-back on a little seat as she tells him that, after she has a little food and water, she's headed out to look for the idol. Bobby Jon interviews that he needs that sucker something fierce. We watch him hunt around in the woods as he reminds us that he doesn't exactly know very much about where the thing is located. He tells us that he knows his neck is on the line, and that he knows he's not going to make a dent in the Big Six. He searches. Danni searches. She says that they're hoping for some more clues, and that she's hoping maybe God will tell her what to do. (God: "Kind of iroooonic, asking me to help you find an iiiiiiidol....")

And then we cut to Gary. He's wandering around the jungle, and as he does, he tells us a story. When he played in the NFL, his team played Detroit (which kind of figures) one year, and was down by a huge margin, and he "threw for close to three hundred yards in one quarter," allowing his team to come back and win. Now, this claim has been researched a little bit and written about a little bit, and it appears to be largely true, with the exception of the fact that his team didn't win. Heh. At any rate, Gary tells us that that's how he's playing here, too -- he's trying to come up with every maneuver he can to stay in as long as possible. And he says, not really in the gross way, that this will mean that if he wins, he'll be happy, but that if he loses, he'll be okay with the way he played. We watch him scour the woods for the hidden idol. Maybe he'd do better with cheerleaders.

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