Secrets And Lies And An Idol Surprise

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No More Hungry Minnows

Steph gives an interview in which she reports what Jamie told them, and says that her first thought was to make sure Jamie actually understood what Gary said. "'Cause he sometimes is a little..." She just fleetingly points at her head, using the universal sign for "doy." When Jamie is gone, Steph, Judd, and Cindy are like, "Whatever, dude." Steph says that Jamie's getting really annoying. She then talks to Rafe, who seems concerned that Jamie is perhaps actually "losing it out here." Steph's like, "Obviously," which I thought was rather amusing. Apparently, she no longer even really thinks it's necessary to discuss Jamie's mental-health issues, which are self-evident. She interviews that Jamie is "a huge liability" for her and for her alliance, essentially because he's crazy and hard to predict, and "can ruin [their] entire plan."

Bobby Jon brings treemail back to the group, and it indicates that there's going to be a balance challenge of some kind. We cut to Gary, practicing moving quickly down an edge of the pyramid near camp. Jamie tells us that the game is tricky, and that Steph and Rafe could always switch and go with the three former Yaxha to boot him. Referring to Gary's earlier "confession," Jamie says, "I don't know why he did that." Jamie is confused. Not exactly an earth-shattering state of affairs, I don't think. He adds in his interview that things can change in a hurry at tribal council, so he's not entirely confident himself.

Jeff brings the tribe over to a new challenge area. This will be your immunity challenge. First, you'll head over a balance beam, untying two planks along the way that are tied to your beam. The first four to finish will move to the second round. In the second round, you lay the planks down across ropes so that you can walk across them and get to the other side. (Kind of like building a bridge made of planks, but you only ever have the one you're on and one other, so you constantly pick them up and put them back down ahead of you, get it? It's like you're writing your own Indiana Jones scene, only it's going really, really slowly and nobody is pulling out your still-beating heart.) The first two who finish this part will cross a two-rope bridge over water. First to finish gets immunity.

Ready? Go! Steph racks herself on the balance beam. Her sizable anti-cheering section hoots and takes a large swig of beer. Jamie scoots along the beam on his crotch, which Jeff comments does not look comfortable. If it keeps him from reproducing, of course, I won't think it's entirely bad. Bobby Jon falls off, and Judd hits the ground with his foot. Ultimately, Steph is the first to finish, followed by Gary, Jamie, and Rafe. So those four will move on to the second round. In round two, Gary never seems to quite get the hang of it, while Rafe does very well. Ultimately, it's Rafe and Jamie making it through to the last round. In the final, Jamie scoots right across the rope bridge, while Rafe has much more trouble. Ultimately, Rafe performs a majestic swan flip-dive over one of the ropes, first dunking his head and then dumping his entire self in the water, while the team -- which clearly loves Rafe in spite of, or even because of, what a doofus he is -- tries not to giggle too hard on the sideline. Technically, Rafe could climb up a ladder and get back on the bridge, but he doesn't have nearly enough time, and we know how Rafe does on ladders getting up out of the water. So Jamie wins immunity -- boooo! Man, I don't like the way that necklace looks on him. Jeff sends everyone back to camp to wait for tribal council.

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