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Fourth Time's A Charm

As soon as Rob walks away, Ashley is there asking Natalie if Rob said anything to her about voting Ashley out. Natalie says he didn't. Natalie lied to Ashley. So Ashley's a goner, right? Maybe not, as Natalie then interviews that she would rather lose the game than lose Ashley's friendship. Because Natalie is 19 and therefore has no concept of what a million dollars could do. Also, she's stupid.

The Final Four arrive at Tribal Council. The jury enters, all looking kind of annoyed to see Rob with immunity. Andrea makes sure to shoot the women her most spiteful glare. Probst opens with some more singing of Rob's praises, saying that he won immunity when it mattered most, unlike Ashley, who totally lost it. He says she could have lost a million dollars right there, and Ashley calls it a "definite bummer." Probst says Rob's vote tonight is a big one since he has immunity. Well, not really. Natalie is probably the person with the deciding vote tonight. Either she goes with Rob and takes out Ashley or she chickens out and forces a tie. And then Phillip and Ashley face off in a fire-starting challenge that would be equally epic and pathetic. Ashley, of course, has no idea how to start a fire, and Phillip wouldn't be able to concentrate on starting his because you know he'd be too busy yelling at Ashley for trying to start hers wrong. I kind of want to see this happen, actually. Rob says he wants to go to the end with the people he's most likely to beat, but he's been to the end before and lost, so he knows there are no guarantees no matter who he takes to the end with him.

Probst asks Natalie if she plead her case with Rob today. She actually didn't, so she just says that she and Rob have been working and "making decisions" together this whole time so she hopes Rob wants to stand next to her at the end. "I belong here," she says. Probst asks Phillip what his pitch was to Rob. Phillip says that Rob probably doesn't want to go up against him in the end because he'd be very difficult to beat. "I won how many challenges? Oh, that's right. I didn't win any," Phillip says. Ah ha! A glimmer of sanity and masterful gameplay! There is hope that Phillip will reveal himself to be a genius who was faking the craziness this whole time after all! Probst asks Ashley the same question. She says that she was loyal to Rob this whole game and passed up opportunities to screw him over, so I guess he owes her. But at least she's doing a great job winning over the jury. They'll all be thrilled to vote for the person who claims she kept Rob in the game instead of, you know, one of them. Probst then asks Ashley if she thinks she can win the game. "Yeah," she says stupidly. Probst asks if she thinks she has a better shot at winning than Natalie or Phillip. "Yeah," she says again, even more stupidly. If Natalie wasn't going to vote her out before, she's definitely going to do it now. Also, why isn't Probst asking Natalie or Phillip this question?

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