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Fourth Time's A Charm

Grant goes next. He asks Natalie about her alliance with Rob and Rob about his alliance with Natalie, basically wondering what they had that Rob seemed to think he didn't with Grant. Natalie says Rob aligned with her from the very beginning and she always felt like she could trust him, while Grant was a much bigger threat to Rob winning than she ever was. Obviously. Rob says his alliance with Natalie began when she came up to him and said "tell me what to do." He also trusted and valued his bond with Grant, but knew that Grant could "kick [his] ass" in the end. So he didn't let him have the chance to try. Grant sighs that it would have been fun to battle Rob in the end. Fun for Grant, maybe. But I doubt that it would have been much fun for Rob because Rob wants to win a million dollars and going against Grant would have made it that much harder for him. Why does Grant not understand that? He's an idiot, too.

Ralph and his nearly incomprehensible accent are up next. He accuses Natalie of not being able to do anything without Rob's consent, just "like a kid." Natalie, still apparently thrown by Andrea's comment about her being creepy with Rob, says she didn't know everyone thought she was too attached to Rob. She thinks she and Rob just had a "really good relationship." She says this while turning and looking at Rob, which Ralph points out. "You're afraid to make a decision without him," Ralph says, adding that he and Natalie never talked when they were in the game together. Natalie says that was part of her strategy, but Ralph thinks she was just following Rob's orders again. Natalie says she wanted her tribe to trust her, and after Matt was voted out for thinking of betraying Rob, she didn't dare make the same mistake. Ralph then asks Phillip why he only showed up tonight wearing two feathers in his headband instead of the entire chicken's worth that Ralph was hoping for. Or as Ralph puts it, "tell me why ain't you got more feathers than that?" Phillip actually smiles and says he could only collect the feathers he found, and he did not find a chicken's worth of feathers. "Do you really like me, Phillip?" Ralph then asks. That's a weird question. Phillip says that Ralph was his favorite person on Zapato and if they had started the game in the same tribe, he thinks they would have gotten along well. I doubt it, since I'm having a hard time thinking of Phillip getting along well with anyone. I'm surprised he hasn't snapped at his great-great-grandfather yet, really.

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