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Fourth Time's A Charm

Matt almost breaks his ankle jumping down from the jury box, which the editors make sure we all see because they probably hate Matt. Matt and his beautiful mane of blonde hair have only one question, and it's for Rob. He wants to know where Rob draws the line in how he treats people, especially after doing this for 117 days over four seasons of this show. Rob says he draws lines all the time in his real life. He doesn't draw them on this show, because he's found that this is the best way that he can play the game: by making promises to people even though he knows he won't be able to keep them and making people believe his lies. He says it's harsh but effective. Matt says the people he betrayed don't know who Rob really is now. Really? Because they could have watched him on three seasons of this show before they went on it and found out. I'm just glad Matt didn't mention Jesus.

Julie goes up next, and somehow she is the most bitter person on the entire jury even though she has no right to be. What did she do in this game? Nothing. She wasn't even good at challenges considering how muscular she is. "None of you played a respectable game," says the woman who helped her tribe throw a challenge to vote out one person and blindsided Sarita out of the game. Julie says that she told Natalie that her parents would be proud of her when she won that immunity challenge (I would hope my parents had more to be proud of me for than balancing balls on a plate for longer than anyone else, but whatever), but now that Natalie is in the Final Three and Julie's not, she doesn't think her parents will be proud of her and how she played this game. Julie says if Natalie were her daughter, she definitely wouldn't be proud of her for being Rob's "servant." Julie then informs Phillip that he was not brought to the end for his loyalty to Rob, but because everyone on the jury hates him. She doesn't think Phillip's son will be proud of the way his dad played this game. Phillip says his son will be proud of him because he worked hard and Julie even told him that. Julie admits that Phillip has a good work ethic. "The hell with you! The hell with you!" Phillip says. So he's basically managed to antagonize three out of the last five jurors. I wonder if it's a coincidence that those three jurors are female. Anyway, I can't really blame him for going off on Julie, who has no right to talk about other people's families and how proud or not proud they'll be. Yes, Phillip looks like a lunatic on national television and yes, he did wear unflattering underwear pretty much the entire time. But he'll probably also bring home the runner-up prize of $100,000 that I'm sure will go far in making his son's life better. Also, if I were Julie's daughters, I would not be proud of my mother for buying a house she couldn't afford and going into foreclosure. Low blow, but if Julie's going to go there then I will, too.

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