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Fourth Time's A Charm

Julie finishes with Rob, saying he made it to the end with a "little girl" who rode his coattails and a guy everyone hates. Phillip interrupts her to say he didn't come on this show to get Julie's respect. "I came out here to kick a little ass, and I think I did that!" he says. Most of the jury bursts out laughing with that. Maybe Phillip will entertain them into giving him a million dollars? Ashley can't help but retort that Phillip certainly didn't kick ass when it came to challenges. "I didn't do it in the challenges, I did it in the social game," Phillip screams at the jury, displaying his ass-kicking social skills. "That's why none of you knew just how close I was to Boston Rob!" "Ooooooo!" the jury responds. Julie gets her chance to speak again, and tells Rob to make sure that his daughters grow up to be strong women and not like Natalie. As she sits down, Rob mutters to Natalie, "don't worry. They'll be all smiles later." To her credit, Natalie doesn't seem to care that much what Julie or the rest of the jury think of her.

Mike stands up and talks about himself and what he got out of his time on this show: friendships and inner peace and a stronger relationship with God. "Things you can't purchase with money," he says. That's good since, you know, he didn't win that much money. He wants to know what the Final Three learned aside from how to be better at this game than Mike was. Natalie says she had a lot to learn since she came here just out of high school with no camping and very little life experience. She learned that she's stronger and more capable than she thought she was and she loves her family. Rob says he learned that he's done with this show and this is his last day on it. Which is easy for him to say since he's been on it more times than anyone else. "I need to go home and take care of my wife and my children," he says. But if he's not on Survivor anymore, how can he do that? Certainly not by getting a real job! Phillip has switched back into not-crazy mode, and says that he's grateful he had an opportunity to do something like this and he learned that he could be on his own as an outcast for so long. He adds that he already knew that to some extent, but now he knows he can be really unpopular in demanding conditions. "I am a beacon in the Sheppard family!" he says. I have a feeling he's an outcast there, too.

Steve, still looking nearly dead, is a nice guy in the end. He congratulates Natalie for being so young and doing so well in this game, admittedly better than he did. He praises Rob for making it 117 days in this game after he couldn't get past Day 31. Um, did Rob even make it to Day 31 when he played this game the first time? Ultimately, Steve does not have kind words for Phillip: "I'm sorry for you for who you are, what you've grown into. I think you're a pretty shameful, sorry man." I usually don't like it when the jurors are sore losers like this, but I can't really blame Steve for being so bitter about Phillip after Phillip accused him of racism on national television. That would be a tough one for me to forgive, too. With that, Steve wishes Natalie and Rob luck.

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