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Fourth Time's A Charm

Live from New York City (recorded earlier), it's Survivor! Probst takes his sweet ass time walking to the stage. I'm impressed with how well Natalie cleaned up. She looks great! Maybe too much eye makeup, but they always do that to women on the reunion shows. Probst congratulates the Final Three again and asks Natalie if she's nervous. Natalie says she is, like she has a chance in hell of winning. Rob is positively glowing because he has to know he won the shit out of this thing. Probst asks Natalie if she has a shot to win. Even as stupid and clueless as she is, she must know that she doesn't, so she says that she learned a lot from playing this game and did her best or whatever. Probst asks Rob the same question. He says he "hopes" he'll win tonight. And Phillip keeps it simple, saying only "yeah."

Probst reads the votes. One for Rob. One for Phile. And the rest, of course, are for Rob. Duh. He stands up and thanks the jury, then runs down to hug Amber and his two daughters. Surely Amber knew she was going to be on camera tonight, right? Why is she wearing, like, a T-shirt and jeans? Anyway, it's a happy moment and his kids are cute, so that's nice. Boring, but nice. I guess I'm glad that Rob won since he did play a good game, but it's hard to be happy for him when he chose such a boring way to do it. Oh well. Onto the reunion show!

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