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Fourth Time's A Charm

Rob will not be relaxing today, of course. He tells Phillip that Ashley is gunning for him if Andrea wins immunity. Phillip agrees, noting that all three women were hanging out in the shelter together for quite some time, no doubt hatching evil plans against the men. Rob isn't worried about that, though, interviewing that Ashley's scheming attempt is "amateur hour" and Natalie is a "good-hearted little soul" who is being corrupted. He doesn't like that. He's looking forward to voting Ashley out next. Last time he said that, she won immunity.

Day 37 dawns, and with it, the second-to-last immunity challenge. Probst explains: each contestant will race across a balance beam, collecting bags full of numbered tiles on the way. They must then put those tiles on a board in numerical order from 1 to 100. The first person to do that wins immunity. This challenge is really lame. They aren't even trying anymore. I mean, they haven't been trying all season now, but this is beyond not trying. I mean, walking across a balance beam and putting tiles in numerical order? I'm pretty sure that was my class schedule in kindergarten. Ugh. The contestants take their places, and Probst calls go. All five contestants manage to untie their first bags and get across the beam to the mat without falling and at roughly the same time. They only have to put the first ten numbers down, so that's really easy. They should have made it so they had to collect all four bags and then put the tiles down. Rob maintains his slight lead going for the second bag, with Andrea and Ashley close behind. Phillip falls off the beam while going for his second bag and has to go back and do it again, thereby pretty much taking him out of contention. Rob and Ashley finish the second section and go for their third bags, and Rob is again the first person back to the mat. Ashley and Andrea are close behind him, though. And I guess Natalie is doing something somewhere.

Suddenly, Ashley takes the lead and is back to the mat with her fourth bag before Rob and Andrea are even finished placing their third bag of tiles. Andrea makes it back with her fourth bag just before Rob. Ashley has a significant head start, though, and in the end Rob and Andrea aren't able to catch up. Ashley wins immunity again! Well, well, well. Looks like Ashley might be a little bit awesome at this. She just saved her energy for when she knew she actually needed it. While she speechifies about how important this win was for her and how happy she is to have the immunity necklace around her neck, Rob fumes. Hee hee hee. Andrea gets the slo mo walk of shame voiceover and says that while she knows she's at risk tonight, it would be a better move strategically for everyone to vote for Rob tonight and she hopes the other girls will see that and actually make a big move. That would be nice, but the fact is that Rob still has that immunity idol and this is his last chance to play it, so of course that's what he's going to do. So even if the girls finally get together and do something, it won't matter. Unless they target Phillip.

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