Seems Like A No-Brainer

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Fourth Time's A Charm

Murlonio return to camp. Ashley says she's very happy about winning, but doesn't get a chance to celebrate her victory before Rob calls everyone except Andrea down to the beach to talk. On the way out, he calls back to Andrea "sorry, Andrea, you're next." Ew. So cocky. Are we supposed to root for this guy when he says stuff like that? Andrea's just like, "whatever. Bye." Rob interviews that Andrea is a "no-brainer" to go home tonight now that Ashley has immunity, and that's pretty much all they have to say at their meeting. Rob heads out to fish, saying that tonight is the last night he's able to use his idol but he's so confident that he won't need it that he's not going to use it. Surely he's not that stupid, right?

While Rob is off by himself being way too confident, Ashley talks to Natalie. She says that she'll only vote for Andrea tonight if she knows that Phillip is going next, and she's not so sure if that's part of Rob's plan. She thinks Rob would rather go to the end with Phillip than Ashley. Natalie lies that Rob told her he's keeping Ashley over Phillip, but she does add a "you just never know." Ashley asks Natalie for a promise that she'll vote for Phillip next and not Ashley. Natalie promises her this. Ashley plays up their friendship and their alliance. Phillip, meanwhile, takes notice of Ashley and Natalie going off to talk to each other and realizes that's no good for him or Rob. Thrilled to have a reason to remind us that he thinks he used to be a federal agent, he says he went into his "special agent mode" and reported back to Rob all about the girls' activities while he was away. Um, that's not being a special agent. That's tattling. But then! Natalie and Ashley are watching Phillip and Rob talk from the shelter and now they're suspicious. Meanwhile, Andrea has just been sitting there listening to everything Phillip says to Rob, which he only notices after he's said everything. Andrea interviews that she's not really sure what's going on right now or why Phillip and Rob felt the need to openly discuss that stuff right in front of her. "Rob and Phillip in front of me are openly talking. I can hear them!" she says. She thinks it's "weird." I think it just shows how confident Rob and Phillip are that Andrea is leaving next and thus doesn't matter to their game. Finally, Phillip and Rob go off together to talk without Andrea around. Andrea takes her chance to talk to Natalie and Ashley. She asks if they've made up their minds about tonight, and they say they haven't. Andrea says that's good, because it might not be a good idea to go up against Rob in the Final Three. "People are gonna vote for him," says the girl who just told them that everyone wanted to vote for Phillip. Oops.

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