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Fourth Time's A Charm

Phillip talks to Rob in the woods about Ashley and Natalie's woods conference. Andrea keeps working on the girls about voting for one of the guys. She says she's going to vote for Rob tonight and hopes they vote with her. Then they can decide if they want to take Phillip to the end or make it an all-girls Final Three. This seems to be sinking in for Natalie, who interviews that she probably won't win against Rob in front of a jury, and sometimes you have to do things that make people upset. Rob and Phillip finally finish speaking, and Rob doesn't seem very worried about the news of Ashley and Natalie's meeting. He says that's what Day 37 is all about, and he knows this as someone who has played this game so many times before. He thinks he knows everything everyone is going to do and say before they even do or say it, so I guess people shouldn't even bother trying to go against him. They should all just let him win and thank him for the privilege of playing alongside him. Rob seems sure that Natalie will never turn on him and he can take the idol home as a souvenir instead of playing it. "I like the gamble," he chuckles. Maybe, but there's no way he's not playing that idol tonight. He just humoring the producers and giving the editors some material to try to manufacture suspense.

The Final Five arrive at Tribal Council. In walk the jury, now with three new members. Probst asks Rob if he's starting to get paranoid at this stage of the game. Rob says he is because a lot of people are telling them a lot of different things. Probst asks Phillip if he was one of the people talking to Rob. Phillip says he definitely was, because he is an "undercover specialist." "Obviously, you've forgotten my title," he scolds Probst. Grant, now on the jury and so having no need to curry favor with Phillip, busts out laughing. The rest of the jury follows. Probst keeps a straight face and asks Phillip if he was successful in his mission. Phillip rambles on instead of answering, so Rob takes over and says that he asked Phillip to look out for anyone plotting against him. Probst says that, obviously, the three remaining women were plotting against Rob. Rob says they were.

Probst asks Ashley if she's surprised that Rob sicced Phillip on her. Ashley says she isn't, since Rob has to know that he's had a target on his back since the game began. "He's Boston Rob. Who wouldn't want to take him out?" she says. Apparently quite a few people, since he's still in this game and no one ever really tried to get rid of him. Probst then asks Andrea how easy of a choice it is to align with the two women against the men. Andrea says it is, so she got together with Ashley and Natalie and pointed out that the jury is very smart and will give Rob all the credit for pulling the strings in this game and the million dollars if they don't vote him out first. So this is their chance to do something strategic in this game for the first time. Ashley and Natalie don't seem to appreciate Andrea saying that they've done nothing strategic this entire game. Way to get your ass voted out right there, Andrea. Probst asks Natalie if Andrea makes a good point. Natalie says that Rob is a huge threat and she's going to do what she thinks will get her the furthest in this game.

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