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Fourth Time's A Charm

The four return to camp and group hug again. Phillip and Ashley compete with each other to see who can suck up to Rob the most as Rob says that his job today is to convince both Phillip and Ashley that he's taking them to the finals with him just to keep the peace around camp before Tribal, when he votes one of them out. See, this is the kind of shit that makes the jurors not want to vote for Rob. There's really no reason for him to lie to anyone at this point since he has immunity, but he's doing it anyway. Then again, when those people last season tried to be upfront and honest with Jane that they were voting her out, she threw a fit and it was horrible and awkward for everyone, including the audience, so maybe he's doing everyone a favor. Rob still wants to vote Ashley out, but he's not sure if he'll be able to convince Natalie to vote with him. Phillip goes off to collect wood, so Rob tells Ashley that they're voting for Phillip tonight but he doesn't want anyone to tell Phillip that lest he freak out on them. So he's going to tell Phillip to vote for Ashley tonight. Ashley thinks that's a good idea and interviews that she's confident that Rob is telling her the truth, especially since she has such a close bond with Natalie that she would definitely tell her if Rob was lying. She makes sure to tell Natalie to tell her if she hears "anything," though, so she's not totally comfortable. Natalie also seems to believe that Phillip is the one leaving tonight, as she interviews that she's really looking forward to spending her final day in this game without him.

Phillip talks to Rob. He asks if Rob told Ashley he's voting for her tonight. Rob says Ashley thinks Phillip is going. Phillip is fine with that. Like Ashley, he trusts Rob's promises. In the shelter, Natalie is still reassuring Ashley that she has nothing to worry about. Rob interviews that Ashley somehow managed to develop a bond with the Zapatos when they were in the camp and he's afraid they'll vote for her over him in the end. Phillip, of course, is not close with anyone on Zapato. Thus, Rob says, he's going to have to try to convince Natalie to vote for Ashley. He tells her on the beach. As Rob predicted, she does not look happy about it. "But why?" she asks dramatically. He says Ashley has too many friends on the jury. He knows it will be hard for Natalie to screw her friend over, but it has to happen. He tells her to "be strong." Natalie interviews that it's going to be very difficult for her to betray Ashley like that, but Rob keeps working on her on the beach, saying he promised he'd get Natalie to the end and he won't let her down and this is part of the game, etc. Natalie interviews that she didn't come out here to make friends, but she did anyway. If she didn't come on this show to make friends, then why did she come on? It certainly wasn't to, like, play the actual game of Survivor. The only thing we've seen her do this entire season is win one challenge, pluck Ashley's armpit hair, and follow Rob around everywhere.

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