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Mogo Mogo, Night 8. A thunderstorm is battering the castaways in their spiffy new homes. No one looks happy at all. The next morning, we see Lex sitting with his arms around Shii Ann and Jenna, who are looking severely cold. He explains in an interview that "the queen of all storms" came by last night, and that it was hard on the new shelter. He also says that most of them have no warm clothes, and that it's pretty cold, and now they're wet. "I've never been so cold in my life," he says. I'll say one thing for Lex: Not. From. Minnesota. Kathy tries to scold Shii Ann and Jenna back into the shelter rather than staying outside in the rain, and Shii Ann goes, but Jenna looks shell-shocked. She finally turns to the rest of the tribe and tells them that she had originally thought she'd be able to get over how much she misses home and family, but with her mom being so unwell, she's feeling like she wants to be home with her mom. Therefore, she's redundantly thinking she's going to "walk at this point in time." Jenna interviews that she's afraid something bad will happen to her mom while she's gone, and she doesn't feel like she would "ever forgive [her]self" if that happened. Kathy now interviews that Jenna's mom is in what Kathy calls a "cancer rehab home." "[Jenna] shouldn't be here, in my opinion," Kathy says. "She should not be here." Lex, meanwhile, chats with Colby, commenting that "life is so short." He goes on in this happy vein: "You blink and you're gone." Colby then interviews that the tribe hasn't yet lost, and that's been because everyone has pulled his or her weight. If one person leaves, the tribe is at a disadvantage. I'm not sure I think Jenna has been pitching in a whole lot, but if Colby thinks they need her, then I guess I can't argue. There is then a scene that's pretty obviously out of sequence (it appears to be sunny and everyone's hair is different) where Kathy tells Jenna that she needs not to let her bad feelings become "a cancer on the tribe." know, ugh. But as I said, it's clear that this scene is out of sequence, and I have no idea when Kathy made that remark, although it surely looks unfortunate in retrospect.

We sweep toward the immunity challenge. It appears to involve a bunch of blocks of different shapes with which the teams will presumably have to do something. All three tribes converge and stand on their mats. Jeff points out to the other two tribes that Saboga has rid itself of Rudy since the last time they were all together, and Hatch gives a dramatic cry of anguish that, although he likes Rudy, is for attention. Jeff retrieves the immunity idols from Chapera and Mogo Mogo. Jeff points out that everybody has a lot of bug bites, and nine days in, people are just starting to drag. He asks Jenna L. how Saboga is doing emotionally, and she says that they're fine. And how is Amber? Well, Amber's doing all right. "What's going on with Mogo Mogo?" Hatch answers that they "have a couple of issues," as he rubs Jenna M.'s shoulder and she gets weepy. And that's, I guess, part of why I believe how upset and scared and generally troubled Jenna is about her mom: She's maintaining until Hatch starts to rub her shoulder, and then she starts to lose it. When I am working really, really hard not to cry and get upset about something, that is exactly what happens to me -- I can keep it together until someone is nice to me, or asks me if I'm all right, or in some other way expresses concern and compassion for the situation, at which point I will fall into a gazillion pieces. And that's why I believe her, for the most part.

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