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Jenna Jumps

The third debate is over whether, given that she was there, she should have left if she honestly felt that her mother might be about to die. I have seen little disagreement on this point, except from Rupert, who apparently thinks that avoidance of "quitting" is something you should place above your mother on your list of priorities. But in most cases, everyone agrees on this one. In other words, this is the issue that the entire argument seems to be about, but almost entirely isn't.

Don't get me wrong -- I don't like Jenna at all. Not at all. I don't think she's very bright, I don't think she's very nice, I think she's spoiled, I think she's nasty, I think she's lazy, I think she's spiteful, I think she's conceited, and I think she would be almost intolerable to me on a personal level for more than thirty seconds. But I basically believe that she loves her mother, and without more to go on, I don't fault her decision to come on the show, and I certainly don't fault her decision to leave.

Anyway. Next week: The nookie begins in earnest between Amber and Boston Rob. There is another storm. Colby gets hit in the head with something heavy -- Santa, I'm glad you got my letter, but I said Ethan!

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