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And now, for the lurve section of our pre-Valentine's Day show. Amber interviews that, at first, all the flirting with Boston Rob was strategy for both of them. There is an implied "But now..." that is mercifully not entirely played out. Because if she had said, "But now, it feels like much, much more," I would have thrown up, passed out, and never recovered. I do agree with her comment that he looks pretty toasty building the shelter and getting all sweaty. My friend FlyBoy once told me never to apologize for being secretly attracted on occasion to guys who "fight and fix stuff," so my guess is that that's what FlyBoy would tell Amber about this.

Serene music plays as Alicia begins the construction of a rock garden. She is arranging smallish white rocks inside a log frame. "Alicia thinks she's this architect for some Zen company or somethin'," Boston Rob says with puzzlement. "Her vision is about as deep as...." He pauses. "Yeah, that's about how deep it is." I wanted to find that funny and cute, but the mustache is creating interference. As he and Big Tom work on the shelter, Boston Rob asks where Amazon Rob has wandered off to. Alicia says she isn't sure. In an interview, Boston Rob offers his opinion that Amazon Rob is "useless all around," and "on a neverending coffee break." Hey, I know that guy -- he works at my bank. When A-Rob does finally get back, Alicia asks him where he was, and he says, "I went to go grab something, was too heavy to get it all the way back." Hmm. Not so good, as excuses go. Kind of reminds me of John Cusack at the beginning of The Sure Thing, when he runs into class late and says to the teacher, "Sorry I'm late, but...there was this big problem, and...I'm late because of it." A-Rob also says that he "got lost in the jungle" and "didn't mean to disappear like that." Sigh. He goes to all the trouble of working out so that he'll be stronger for this go-round, and then he gets lazy? I am disappointed in A-Rob, I must say. Anyway, Alicia interviews that A-Rob "does the minimal [sic] to get by." And it's funny, because that may have been okay with the people he hung around with in the Amazon, but it's clearly not going to fly with these people, and it's too bad that he can't read that. Worse yet, Alicia says that "everybody noticed it" during the shelter challenge. Ooh, it's never good to allow the other people on your tribe to bond over how much you suck, because nothing brings people together like shared loathing. As he and Alicia discuss the rock garden, A-Rob says, "I don't know if you want to get more rocks, or...," and she cuts him off: "You want to get more rocks." His eyes widen in surprise at the attitude, and she goes on to blah-blah about how it's really hot, and she brought a lot of rocks already, and he'd better get on the stick and take over. Or something. A-Rob goes off to get more rocks. She didn't wave her finger in his face, but you know she wanted to. She was about four seconds away from a good head-waggle, too.

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