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Saboga. Rupert and Ethan are working away at Rupert's Big Idea. Rupert proudly interviews that he's "a rehabber by trade," and that he's been rehabbing houses for years, so he knows exactly how to do this challenge. He says that he therefore just announced to the tribe, "We're building a log cabin." Ah...pushy, uncompromising,, this is the Rupert I know. He explains that they're going to build down into the sand to add to the height -- in other words, if you build a structure half as tall as a person, but you build it over a hole that's also half as tall as a person, then a person standing in the bottom will be able to stand up in it. Basically, what he wants is a "log cabin" in the traditional sense, and there's not nearly the time or resources to do that, so he's thinking he can make half a log cabin and get the same effect. In a team meeting, Jerri says that she doesn't think it's a great idea to build down into the sand. He says, "So you want to build the thing all out of the ground?" Jerri listens to him and says, "Yeah." He then gives his little head-shaking smile, all "oh, silly girl." She explains that if it's wet and they're underground, it's going to be a complete mess. Rupert insists that, his way, they'll have an "eye-catcher" and won't "be like everybody else." Jerri says that what she's looking for, though, isn't just the win, but a good shelter where you can actually sleep. He blinks and looks at her indulgently like she is the stupidest person who has ever been born and he is doing all he can to be patient and, quite frankly, it is straining his resources. Jerri says that she understands about wanting to stand out. But. Rupert cuts her off, saying that nobody else will do anything this creative -- everybody else will have huts, and they'll have a log cabin. Yes, a log cabin! They will be like Abraham Lincoln! Rupert will make stovepipe hats out of tree trunks! Jerri is very dubious. He continues to look at her with this disbelieving expression, as if he cannot comprehend why she is being so dense.

Jerri interviews, entirely correctly, that Rupert is a "complete control freak." She points out that he wants everything his way, and thinks he's the only one who can do anything the way it should be done. She says that all it's going to take is a nice helping of rain coming down the side of the hill, and a hole in the sand is going to fill up with water. Back at the camp discussion, Jerri takes a different tack, arguing that in addition to the basic stupidity of trying to live in a hole on the beach, it's going to take a hell of a long time to dig a hole of the type Rupert's describing. "How do you have any idea?" Rupert asks with disgust. "I know what I can do. I'm forty years old. I've done my shit for years. I've built houses for twenty years," he says, kicking dirt as if he really resents the fact that Jerri won't just do what he says already. Jerri calls for a vote; she gets nowhere, because Jenna and Ethan are wisely staying out of it. Without any support, Jerri relents. In an interview, Ethan says, "Jerri and Rupert got in a fight." He allows a moment for the Asshole Pause. "Perfect. It's just what I wanted." You know the Asshole Pause, right? Oh, there is nothing worse. It's that two-second gap when you're surprised that you have time to wonder what a guy would look like stuck headfirst into a pile of old tires. Ethan goes on to say, quite correctly, that Jerri had the better part of the argument, but that he wasn't about to jump in on her side, because it makes no sense for him to get into it rather than let them get on each other's nerves and potentially target each other instead of him. It's that ability to be right and still be a complete dick about it that marks a truly unpleasant guy, you know.

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