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Always Wear Sunscreen

The Fans arrive on their beach. Shamar interviews that he hates not winning, but it made him realize that he doesn't have control of this game. Good thing he realized that now, because he really, really doesn't. Shamar tells everyone that they need to get a fire started so that they can boil water, and Reynold agrees, since they're almost out of water already. Matt thinks shelter is also important, and also thinks that they don't need ten people trying to start a fire, so he starts working on the shelter.

Time passes and I guess everyone is working on the shelter now? Shamar walks up and shows off his people skills by telling everyone that they're wasting their energy and he doesn't care about the shelter because they need fire. Here's how you solve this problem: start a fire. Everyone will love you and you don't have to waste your energy (to use his words) bitching at people because they aren't doing what you ordered them to do. Matt says that everyone has a job to do, and someone needs to work on a shelter. Shamar is basically like "whatever" and walks away and sits down and does nothing.

A bit later, some of the others are telling Matt that he's doing a great job and he makes a comment about how he's being attacked for what he's doing, which is pretty passive-aggressive since Shamar is sitting RIGHT THERE. Shamar calls him out on it, but it's pretty aggressive-aggressive. Reynold interviews that he's worried that his tribe won't have enough unity to win a competition. This is followed closely by Shamar yelling at Matt to shut up. Yikes.

The Favorites arrive at their beach. Malcolm interviews that he's the new kid and needs to manage the impression he gives others, but he made the winning point in the first challenge, and that helps. Phillip interviews that he knows he can survive the elements this time and he compares himself to his father hitting the beach in Iwo Jima. Somewhere Phillip's father is like, "Come on, dude."

They start building a shelter and Brenda engages Phillip and kind of makes fun of him but also seems to be looking at him for a source of wisdom. Really? Him?!? Francesca interviews that she's hoping her poor past history will mean that people won't see her as a threat. Oh, no worries. Although she did take down Matt in the challenge. Francesca, Andrea, and Dawn have a quick confab in the jungle and decide to form an alliance with Cochran and they think Brandon will also be loyal if they bring him in. Francesca interviews that she's trying to make relationships as we see her talking to each person on her tribe individually.

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