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Francesca wants to clear her final hurdle so she approaches Phillip and basically says, "I was never gunning for you on our original season, so no hard feelings?" Phillip doesn't really respond and then he interviews that Francesca is stuck in a time warp and he throws out the episode title: "She annoys me greatly." Francesca interviews that she's not gunning for Phillip and she hopes he's not gunning for her, and if she gets voted off first again, she'll eat a rock. When I saw that moment, I knew she was going if her tribe lost the challenge. The editors wouldn't put that in otherwise.

Back over at Fans (Gota tribe, but if I use that, no one will know what I'm talking about), Matt is still building shelter while a bunch of other people are trying to make fire. I don't even know what they're doing. They're using two giant sticks and even I know you need a hollow and then one smaller stick and some kindling. Samar interviews that he was watching them all work and knew what they were doing wrong so he finally stepped in. Well, isn't that big of him. He let them all fall on their faces and waste energy and then decided to let them know he's a fire-making expert. Anyway, they all work together and end up starting a fire. They all celebrate and Matt and Shamar set aside their differences.

The favorites are eating their first batch of rice together. Phillip interviews that he learned a lot from playing with Boston Rob, and he created "the BR Rules." They are: get an alliance, get an alliance within the alliance, and get rid of your alliance before they get rid of you. And also, you don't owe anybody anything. Did Boston Rob invent that strategy? I don't think so, but I'm no show historian. Then again, Phillip is crazy so why am I taking him seriously?

Phillip and Corinne have a jungle meeting. Phillip says he wants an early alliance with her, Malcolm, and Andrea. He interviews that he wants to find people who are dominant, so he chooses Corinne and Andrea because they are take-charge types who are into strategy. Corinne says she's in and she quickly recruits Malcolm. Phillip tells Corinne and Andrea that he also wants Dawn, so they recruit her, and then Phillip gets Malcolm. Finally, Phillip goes up to Erik and basically says, "I have an alliance that's big enough to control the game, and I'd like you to join us but you need to trust me, or we'll vote you out. But I'm not in charge. I'm just a messenger." Erik shines him on and then interviews that he didn't like being told he had no choice but to join Phillip's alliance, and he thinks Phillip is crazy to boot. Hey, Erik learned a few things.

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