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Dawn, Brenda, and Brandon have a chat about the voting. Brandon is pretty sure Andrea is playing both sides, and for once, Brandon isn't nutso. Brenda agrees, but Dawn thinks they're just being paranoid. And while Brandon is usually against pretty ladies because he's got deep-seated issues, it's actually working for him. Dawn's point is that Francesca is tight with Andrea and trusts her, so if Brandon thinks something's up, he should take it to Francesca. Erik also got a bad vibe from Andrea, so they decide to take it to Francesca.

Erik and Brandon tells Francesca that they think Andrea is playing both sides. Their idea is to take their three votes along with Brenda and Dawn and blindside Andrea. Francesca protests that she trusts Cochran but not Andrea, so now she doesn't know what to do because they're leaving for Tribal right then. Francesca jokes to Cochran and Andrea that she's going to drown herself in the ocean if she gets voted off first again. Cochran interviews that he almost doesn't want to vote Francesca out because he feels bad for her, and he laughs that we might not believe it, but he does have a sense of shame. I can't decide how I feel about Cochran this time around. He bugged me last time, but I'm willing to give him another chance. For now.

Tribal Council. Probst asks Brandon if anyone has taken a leadership role yet and Brandon says that they're all chiefs, and no one wants to "get done like they were done the last time." Probst points out that someone will go home.

Probst asks Francesca about her rivalry with Phillip from last time, and she says that at least Phillip learned how to pronounce her name and Phillip proves that he can. Then he says that he could always pronounce it, but he was mad at her so rather than use "an explicative," he decided to mispronounce her name. You guys, I don't even need to say that Phillip's crazy, right? You can just assume that I'm thinking he's a nutjob so I can save myself the typing? Probst wants to know how Phillip felt about seeing Francesca, and Phillip says he was worried that, once again, Francesca might be too strategic. Probst points out that Francesca doesn't have a lot of experience being on the show, and Francesca says that no one probably feels secure because everyone is so smart and paranoid. Phillip admits that he's heard his name tossed around, and everyone agrees that they're all paranoid.

Probst wants to know what Andrea thinks the perception is of her, and Andrea says that she hopes the others know that she's an asset in challenges and she works hard around camp, but she also knows that last time around, she got comfortable and that was a mistake she won't repeat.

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