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Always Wear Sunscreen

Probst tells Cochran that the game is so much faster with returnees, and sometimes plans even change at Tribal. Cochran talks about how Boston Rob used to put his hand on the shoulder of the person he wanted voted out. He did? Now I want to rewatch that season. Cochran adds that they didn't have to waste time on logistics because they've all done it before, so they hit the ground running with gameplay and it's exciting. Malcolm jokingly reaches out and grabs Cochran's shoulder. Malcolm found that a lot funnier than Cochran did, but that may have been sunburn related.

Probst announces that it's time to vote and I'm so confused by all the conversations at this point that I have NO idea who's going home. Francesca votes for Andrea, and Andrea votes for Francesca; neither of those are surprises. Probst tallies the votes and no one plays an Idol. Andrea gets the first four votes and Francesca gets the next five. The final vote is for Francesca so she's going home first AGAIN. Ouch. Andrea is greatly relieved. I still have no idea who voted for whom, so I watch the credits. Turns out Brandon, Brenda, Erik, and Francesca voted for Andrea, and everyone else voted for Francesca. So Brandon, Brenda, and Erik have some scrambling to do.

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