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Probst Hates Fang

Kota walks into Tribal and gets their torches. "Finally, we get a chance to talk," Probst says. Again, it was only two immunity challenges. Just two! How quickly we forget the Palau season, when Probst only saw Koror when they were forced to vote someone out. Corinne speaks first and says it's important that as many people vote for the same person as possible so that there will be little dissent in the group. Probst goes to Ace and asks him if Corinne isn't being too optimistic about this. Ace says that this early in the game, it's important to vote in a way that will keep the tribe strong.

With that, Probst asks Sugar how she made it through being alone on Exile so early in the game. This gets the tears flowing as Sugar says she thought about her dead dad. And ... is that Corinne rolling her eyes? That is cold. "It's gotta be tough," Probst says, smirking. Yeah, he feels your pain. Probst asks Marcus about how to play to immunity idol. Marcus says if Sugar does have it, she's playing it the right way by pretending she doesn't. He says he'd probably do the same thing. Probst keeps with Marcus, asking him who on the tribe jumped out at him as "interesting." Marcus says Ace, who shrugs his shoulders so hard it causes a musical flourish. Marcus keeps it diplomatic, saying he and Ace work well together and have "similar ideas."

Probst goes to Paloma for her opinion on Ace. "Ace is like the head honcho," she immediately says, while Ace shakes his head and blinks out another musical flourish. "He can be the big guy all he wants," Paloma says, while behind her, Marcus and Ace shoot each other condescending looks. You know what? I don't think I like Marcus after all. He might be an arrogant bastard. "I really could care less, but, I mean, as far as I'm concerned I'm not even gonna go there," Paloma says. I'm not sure what she's talking about. Perhaps ... this is prouncing? "You're not even gonna go where?" Probst asks, similarly confused. Paloma explains that she won't worship Ace like other people seem to.

Probst asks Ace if this surprises him. "Not particularly," he says, attempting to get his fake accent back to charm Probst. He says he and Paloma definitely rub each other the wrong way. Yeah, well, she might be your only chance not to get picked off by the onion alliance, so you might want to get over it. Probst asks Kelly if Ace is an asset to the tribe. Kelly's ears prounced at the end of Probst's question, so she didn't hear "-et to the tribe." At least, that's my explanation for why she says Ace is an asset because he's "almost condescending in a way." That's because the only other explanation: Kelly doesn't know what "asset" means. Probst tries to help out, asking her how being condescending is a good thing and hoping Kelly will try to use context clues to figure out what asset means. She doesn't. While everyone else on the tribe (as well as, probably, Probst) tries not to laugh, Kelly keeps on going, saying that being condescending is not a good thing because sometimes Ace tells them they should get water instead of make rice.

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