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Probst Hates Fang

Sugar finds a hill with a tree on top of it. She climbs it and finds the clue, and tells us her confidence in herself is building. Meanwhile, Dan's has got to be plummeting as he watches this. He couldn't even find the first clue, and this giggling "pin-up model" has found two of them so far. Sugar looks for her next clue in "yonder creek." Meanwhile, her outfit has changed like six times since she's been at Exile. I don't know how that's even possible since she only has one set of clothes, but sometimes she's wearing the leopard print top and sometimes it's the buff and sometimes it's just her bra. And she changed hairstyles a couple times, too. Sugar finds the third clue and talks to the statue at the gourd table, asking him for help, because this whole thing is so easy for Sugar that she can afford to take a comedy break. The third clue tells Sugar to wade in the water, which she isn't too thrilled about. But she's still in good enough spirits to make up a song about it:

Wade in the Water

lyrics and music by Sugar

(I'm gonna have to)

wade in the water!

Short, but sweet. With a new hairstyle and the leopard print tank back on, Sugar looks for a body of water with a tree sticking out of it. She finds a tree in a swampy area that seems to fit the bill, but is nervous about wading through the water because it could have "giant lizards" in it. I believe they're called crocodiles, Sugar. And you should be more afraid of the stuff in the water that you can't see. Like typhoid. The editors cut to a shot of the tiniest baby crocodile which probably couldn't do much to Sugar even if it was in the water at the same time as her, which it isn't. Sugar changes her top and hair again and gets in the water, screaming as she enters, which won't attract hungry predators to the area or anything, I'm sure. She makes it to the tree, where she finds ... the idol! She starts crying, but recovers quickly to brag about how she found the idol and the lawyer didn't. Then she laughs at him, and she has every right to. She says her dad has been with her this whole time, helping her. "He's here," she says, putting her hand on her heart. Okay, fine, Survivor! You've won me over. I like Sugar.

Back at Camp Kota, the water is boiling and Bob says that Sugar and Paloma are "at the bottom" of the tribe. Yeah, um ... Bob? You're 57, and looking older every day. Might not want to target people for being weak. Bob says he knows Ace likes Sugar. Ace says he likes her personality, but more importantly, he likes that she's loyal (how does he know?) and that means they can trust her more than most of the others in the tribe. "They" who, Ace? The alliance you think you have with Bob? Meanwhile, Bob and his white chicken legs tell us that he knows what Ace is doing -- he's rallying to get rid of Paloma because he needs to keep Sugar with him as long as possible. Bob says this worries him.

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