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Rumblings Of Mutiny

Christa and Jon have a chat in which she says she thinks it might be wise to boot Burton first, just to make sure he won't sneak in and win. As they discuss tossing Burton, Jon warns Christa of the approach of Rupert, and she clams up. Jon claims to Christa that Ryan-O is the "least trustable [sic] guy out of anyone here." She seems surprised by this, but Jon assures her it's true. He may be (and in fact is) a total asshole, but he's not a complete dummy, in that he's deftly turning Christa's attention away from his ally Burton back to his non-ally Ryan-O. Christa interviews that she's not really so sure what she should do in this "very confusing situation." She says she doesn't feel like she's lied to anyone "quite yet."

Elsewhere, Burton works his mojo on Christa by telling her that Ryan-O came to him to warn him about Rupert and the hangers-on and asking him to participate in an alliance against them. Burton acts like he thought this was really stupid, and would never even have considered Ryan-O's offer, when in fact he almost exactly agrees with Ryan-O's position...except for the part of it that would have saved Ryan-O himself. Jon voices over that he and Burton are well aware of the closeness of Christa, Sandra, and Rupert. Jon goes on to interview that he would willingly stab anyone in the back, and that he has no loyalties. I must say that as much as I despise him, I respect him for admitting this, rather than playing false games about loyalty the way most of them do, recasting all of their behavior so that they are honorable, and it's just the other people who play dirty.

The tribe gets in the boat and heads for tribal council. The sun sets, because that's what must be done in preparation for tribal council. If the sun didn't set, how could they conduct the meeting? The usual ominous music plays as they all climb the stairs and settle in at tribal council. Jeff starts the questioning with Lill, asking her how it is having two adversarial tribes living in the same place. She says it's been great. She feels like she's got a new family, which makes Ryan-O roll his eyes in disgust. Family, schmamily. Lill also says that more of her personality has been able to come out, and that she laughs and has more fun. I actually think I could do with a little less of Lill's personality, but...she's the Scoutmaster around here. At any rate, she happily notes that the atmosphere is really different from the way it used to be.

Jeff asks Christa about work ethic, and she launches into her bitchfest about how nobody works enough, and how the ex-Morgans don't jump in and do work, and how they're all lazy and so forth. She protests that it's not her job to tell people what to do, so she doesn't want to -- apparently, she just wants to be able to set the schedule and everyone else should guess when they have to do work in order to please her. Whatever. She gives me a pain. Darrah answers that at the Camp of the Damned, their routine was more to divide the day into Lying Around Time and Work Time, and she insists that she would indeed go get firewood, she just might not rush off to get it at exactly the same time as Christa, and that this doesn't necessarily make her lazy. Again, I both agree and disagree with both of them. I do think Darrah's lazy, but I also think Christa's way too full of herself and way too sure that she should be able to set the schedule by which everyone else should do everything. Putting a lazy-ass up against a plain old ass, it's hard for me to pick a side.

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